Hello there stranger III: Resurrection part2.

My name is Youssef, and I’m a Googleholic

Google+ is open to the public now, Facebook is about to hold its f8. Other services try to keep up or are in the process of panicking reinventing themselves. Exciting times. The Internet as we knew it is gone forever.

I made my choice, I’m Google+ all the way. This place has reinvigorated many of my interests that were on life support. So much so even, that it tipped the balance over to the side of addiction. In under 2 months. And that’s with just 100 features. Hundreds more are still to come.

The only addiction I tolerate for myself, is coffee. So I need to make a change. I could trade one addiction for another. Say, go cold turkey on G+ and dive into full on Gears of War 3 madness. Tempting as it may be, I’m going for a more balanced life. I’ll keep using G+, I’ll kill me some Locust, I’ll try to sleep a decent amount of hours a day...

I don’t want to champion anything here. It’s too time consuming. It would only further feed my addiction. It would require public self-promotion, which just ain’t me.

So I’ve decided to drop my ‘meme a day for tags’. Google is working hard on the integration of new features, fixing bugs and fine tuning where needed. No doubt they’ll work on tagging solutions when possible. We can help them figure out what we need by providing feedback. I’ve sent my feedback already using the ‘Send feedback’ feature. Next to individual feedback, collaborative efforts are popping up left and right. If I see one that includes tagging, I’ll try to contribute.

I’ll post when I feel like it. Sometimes several times a day, sometimes nothing for days. I’ll keep collecting interesting people in my circles and I’ll comment to their posts whenever I think I can add some value. I prefer commenting to posting anyway.

+1 you later!

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