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Now that I had a few hours of sleep, I wanted to make a suggestion for #usesforwhitespace that is a little more serious. I know that it's not really a solution for screens with low resolution, but in my case I would love to be able to configure the settings to get such a result.

This is not a serious UI design, just throwing some thoughts around with a quick mock-up.

I would like to be able to read the comments while keeping an eye on the actual post at the same time. Even though I'm still not convinced about comments on that grey background, this way discussions can get the attention they deserve.
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That's another good idea for making better use of the space.

My thought was that it would also be nice to allow viewing multiple circles/streams side by side as an option.
I would like the notifications stream on the side, in order to keep up with the conversations you are in, while still navigating.
Well in general it comes down to using that space to display what matters to you most, when you want it. If I'm really into a discussion, that's what matters most to me at that moment. Sometimes in a long thread, it's not practical to lose the info of the original post when you have to scroll all the way up and down again.

That's not such a problem with 2 screens, opening it in 2 tabs, nor maybe for a vertical screen. But that's the thing: everyone has different needs/screens/preferences.

I like the way to highlight new content so that it allows for browsing/quick scanning. But once I've made my choice, I want to get to the info that matters.

In my quick mock-up I didn't put the latest comment under the post itself as it is now, nor the number of total comments. I didn't show transitions/animations either... It was just to show a general thought that would respect discussions for those of us that are not afraid of lots of words, while not taking away any of the quicker browsing/highlighting Google has achieved now. I do think that's a good move, as it's critical for a larger part of the global audience. I'd just hate it if they'd force me away from this place by discouraging the better discussion.
Great point Youssef. I'd love it if Google could write some clever code that would allow you to click on a comment and G+ intuitively detect which comments are part of a single thread and hide all the other comments, then return to the main comment stream when you're done, that would be nice. Better than threaded comments.

Kind of like Gmail threading on tap.
I think It's a good idea. And I think it would be even better if #google could make the #whitespace dynamic i.e. showing comments to a post like your mock-up or showing a chat window when you click on one of your friends or showing the circles, and so on.
It would surely be a better experience and there would be better #usesforwhitespace than what we have now.
All this IMHO of course, I don't even know if it is possible to do something like this. :)
It's very possible Carlo, and all the information is already there, it's just not being used as effectively as it could, however I believe +Vic Gundotra has stated that the company does have plans for this space in the near future. Fingers crossed they have the same thoughts.

Google have been really impressive with their reactions and responses to user feedback, so I have faith that they will do a good job. I also think this whitespace issue could work to their advantage as it means that any new updates within this space will be noticed by a much larger audience, which could have a substancial impact on feature adoption me thinks :)
Good idea! All this white is hurting my eyes!
a bit of emptiness is therapeutic in an overly cluttered world. look out the window at the sky. brain still hurt?
:) I love the outdoors <3 Pollen does not love me though.
Once the G+ app store launches, there should be a few thousand things to fill that temporary placeholder.
I agree with +Juliana Brost and would not like to see things overly cluttered. So should a bunch of apps fill that space there like you say +Wade Aaron Inganamort, I hope they will allow us to toggle them in and out of sight. They should also auto-scale into a position that renders them best for your screen resolution.
Personally I would select an app that allows me to position long threads in such a way that they remain readable, but I can see plenty of posts where I would prefer some other app to fill that space.

Say I'm on a post with a YouTube video for example. I'd like to be able to pull out the comments, but I would also appreciate to be able to pull out similar videos or videos by the same author instead.

I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of interesting ways to fill so much space with what one likes. Without decreasing the visibility of posts. I'm just saying that I wouldn't like discussions to be discriminated in favor of more visual content all the time.

I'll leave it to others to make better mock-ups of this or other possible applications for the #useforwhitespace. I wanted to share this thought to put it on the pile and by the looks of things, that is what happened. Thanks everyone that supported this.
I was a pretty inactive lurker on social media before G+, so I can't say I got the idea from Facebook or Twitter, at least not consciously +Tom Adamec. I just wanted to fill that empty space with what I wanted to use.

Just reading your comment here makes it far away from the post itself. I usually have some 10-15 tabs open with several discussions. Switching between those makes me lose track of what was said in the post itself and I have a bad memory, so I forget. I'd also like for something that I've opened, not to be affected by the flow of the stream, making it scroll away while I'm not done with it yet.

My way of using may be relatively rare. That's why I'm asking for the option to customize. I'm not saying this should be the way for everyone.

If time has proven that this approach would not work for the majority of people and inevitably any platform would have to roll back, then that's what would happen. That still doesn't mean it would not work for me. It's like with some of the extensions: some will cater to a niche. If that space will be for apps, I'm hoping on a niche app that will cater to my needs.
YES. A million times Yes. This would be beautiful.

And on smaller monitors that you can't currently see the whitespace anyway, it'll do what it does now.
amazing idea!! hope someone at google takes notice of this
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