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Office Fundraising Ideas
With rooms full of adults
with disposable income, the office is one of the best places to
organize a simple fundraiser to benefit a local nonprofit. At the
same time, fundraising events in the office is a great way to build
camaraderie among co-workers, esp...

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Rally Support for Your Cause
Every legit
fundraiser pretty much supports an actual charitable cause. However, as much as
donors want a good cause to succeed, they can only provide so much
support. Yet you are more likely to secure people’s support by
highlighting the timeliness and rel...

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Christmas Fundraising Ideas
As they say, Christmas is
the season for giving—and who better to give to than to people in
need. Fortunately, there are many activities you can do to raise
funds for donation to charities you support. Below are a few of them: Sell Christmas
Decorations If ...

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Safe Toy & Gift Fundraisers
is Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month, which makes the topic a great
theme for your upcoming fundraisers. The concept would particularly
be fitting if you’re planning an online fundraising for nonprofits,
whose cause is related to child welfare or...

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Fundraisers for Animal Welfare
welfare nonprofits have always been a favorite charity, which is why it’s not
surprising for such groups to be well-received and supported by
philanthropic people. In fact, a nonprofit blog found that pet
rescues and animal rights groups were the mos...

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Using Online Auction Sites
In the past, the
traditional way for most non-profit organizations to raise funds was
to hold a live auction, a concert, or a show. Unless you have loads
of sponsors, you can incur a high expense in staging such events. For
auctions, you have to solicit ite...

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Two Tips for P2P Fundraising
(P2P) fundraising is one of the biggest trends in the nonprofit
industry (think Ice Bucket Challenge). For those who do not know, P2P
fundraising is when supporters raise money by reaching out to their
friends and family. In that sense, P2P rea...

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Digital Age Philanthropy
Philanthropy ,
or the act of donating money or goods to benefit the lives of other
people, is a practice that has gone on for ages. All sorts of
entities, from large conglomerates to entire governments, to mere
individuals, have been donating whatever they ...

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Top 2 Sources for Auction Items
eBay Giving Works program provides a great opportunity for you to
auction great items at great prices and support a noble cause along
the way. That being said, it can be a bit tricky to choose items that
are guaranteed to get good bids. If you have no i...

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Today’s Most Popular Charities
don’t entirely rely on popularity to support their cause, but
nobody can deny that some charity groups are more popular than
others. For 2014, three of the most renowned nonprofits in the U.S.
are The ALS Association, the Wounded Warrior Project, ...
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