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Unhappy with Happiness
I think I've become a grinch.  How could anyone dislike a book called Happiness , particularly when the author is Randy Alcorn?  What makes my discomfort even weirder is that I agree with almost everything in the book.  No matter how hard I try to pin down ...

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Need Counseling?
I am pursuing certification as a
Biblical counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors .  Praise God, I just passed my exams and now there is only one
hurdle left: completing 50 hours of supervised
counseling. If you know anyone who...

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Don't Waste Your Corpse
Embed from Getty Images Unless Jesus returns first, one day your body will be a corpse.  Have you considered how you can best use yours for the glory of God?  Here are three ideas. 1. Seek to let your death be seen. Although 150,000 people die every day, I ...

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Great movie, watch for free now and share!

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This American Lives on $20 a Day - By Choice
To the majority of my readers, $20 a day is a pittance.   To the majority of people in the world, $20 a
day is extravagance. A few months ago I wrote about the correlation betweenincome and life expectancy , and how Americans could dramatically trim our

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Giving Away Christian Books, DVDs from Ray Comfort, Todd Friel, 9Marks, etc.
Over the years I've accumulated a lot of good resources that are now going to waste on my shelves. I'm looking to give these books and DVDs to people who will use them. The only cost would be postage, and the only requirement is that you not sell them at a ...

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Would Your Year Be Better if You Lived on $9733?
"What is a man profited, if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?" (Luke 9:25) Globally, the median household income is $9733.  The average life expectancy at birth is 71.0 years.  Here in the US, the median household income is $51939, and...

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John Piper: “God has a people who are passionate for his name all over Europe.” Here are seven fresh discoveries Piper this month while traveling across Europe.

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Help Create a Culture-Changing Shirt!
In the early days of Skype, you could set your Skype status to "Skype Me". "Skype Me" meant, "I'm bored, and I would love to talk with anybody." You could search the list of people in Skype Me mode, and strike up a conversation with them. I had a number o...

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Apps for the Spiritual Race
Technology can easily distract us from Jesus.  But it can also be used to help us pursue Him more faithfully.  In this post, I'd like to show you the apps that help me.  For Bible reading and study, I use several free apps.  The Lumina app has the extensive...
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