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It's quite amazing how worldwide child mortality has decreased in the past few generations.

[via reddit]

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Featuring some interesting papers, including John Nash's single-page foundational paper on Game Theory and the Nash Equilibrium:

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Profit margins, R&D and marketing budgets for the largest pharmaceutical companies.


"I before E except after C"

Words that obey the rule: 4388
Words that break the rule: 965

Examples of words that simultaneously break and obey the rule:

boogieing, deified, deities, eighties, eightieth, expediencies, feistier, Liechtenstein, Meier, pieing, societies, sortieing, stymieing, weightier, Weierstrass

% cat /usr/share/dict/american-english | perl -e '$broken = 0; $obeyed = 0; while (<>) { $word = $_; if ($word =~ /cie/ || $word =~ /[^c]ei/ || $word =~ /^ei/) { print "BROKEN: " . $word; $broken++; } if ($word =~ /[^c]ie/ || $word =~ /^ie/ || $word =~ /cei/) { print "OBEYED: " . $word; $obeyed++; } } print "Broken: " . $broken . "\nObeyed: " . $obeyed . "\n";'

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It's hard to see all the black dots in this image at the same time. After a while it gets a bit easier.

Interesting comment thread about it here:

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Olympic gold medals per capita for each nation.

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An incredibly realistic clip :) I still have vivid memories of hearing this scene at Disney's Epcot Center many years ago. Probably the best 3D audio I've heard so far.

Must use headphones. Close your eyes when listening!

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A great finalist for the "best optical illusion of the year" contest.

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Apparently, the British also voted to leave the UN.

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TBS is subtly playing some TV shows at 1.09x speed, presumably to make time for more ads.

[Via Reddit]
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