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One of the most colorful towns in the world, the beautiful coastal village of Manarola, Italy at night

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Matterhorn Long Exposure In B&W
From my blog:

I was in Zermatt, Switzerland, for a few days last week. Amongst others, I was there for a photo walk with the +Swiss Photography Club G+, as well as a climb up to the summit of the Breithorn (4,164 m / 13,661 ft) with +Wilfried Haferland and +Deborah Vos … pffff. The most dominant peak in the Zermatt region is the Matterhorn. Its summit is 4,478 metres (14,690 ft) high, making it one of the highest peaks in the Alps. It also one of the most photographed mountains of the world, so it is hard to come home with something original.

During one of my hikes last week, the cloud formations around the Matterhorn looked interesting enough to try something different: a long exposure. As it was quite sunny, I combined 3 Lee ND filters (10 + 3 + 2) to get to 15 stops of exposure reduction and with that an exposure time of 2 minutes. I processed the image in Lightroom 4.1 and Silver Efex Pro 2. I like the result of this experiment. Hope you do to!

Dedicating this one to +Yasmin Simpson. One of the nicest persons I have met here on G+ and a great artist, so make sure to go circle her!

Btw: shot this with a D800E instead of the trusted D3x. The D800E is really growing on me :) 

#BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar,   #BreakfastClub +Breakfast Club  by +Gemma Costa,   #PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek  #swdpcl by +peter paul müller,   #MinimalMonday by +Olivier Du Tré  #monochromeMonday by +Manuel Votta  +Charles Lupica +Nurcan Azaz +Jerry Johnson and +Steve Barge  #mountainmonday by +Michael Russell   #LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography by +Margaret Tompkins  +Hawkea's friends +10000 Photographers around the World  #spcfeature #photography #potd

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Polaroid photography inspiration by Emilie Lefellic
Emilie Lefellic is an English language teacher born and based in Paris, France.
"Basically, I think anything can become fascinating when captured on Polaroid film because Polaroid film takes every subject into another dimension: that of nostalgia, of dreams, of memory – maybe of the unconscious. What you shoot on Polaroid film just doesn’t look ordinary or ‘real’ anymore, and that’s what fascinates me."
۲۲ ژوئن ۲۰۱۲ (۱۴ عکس)
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◄   Beautiful Macro Photography   ►

►   These stunning examples of  macro photography are sure to inspire, and can hopefully stir you from your routine and usual perspective. These wonderful captures demonstrate the delicate and subtle construction of nature, ones that we often overlook from our usual perspective. But with the aid of the photographers lens, we can get a closer look and see the world from a completely different angle.

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