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After reading this article I wasn’t surprised that people assume that boys are smarter than girls. When I was growing up I noticed that boys were more about their studies and girls were more worried about their social status. I think this is true to a point. I have noticed that girls care more about what people think so they tend to stay away from looking like “a nerd.” Growing up is a hard stage, which is why I believe, is one of the reasons why girls act like this.
I think women are just as equal to men of being capable to do anything, even becoming an engineer as the video had mentioned only 13% engineers are women. This video showed how the brain of a woman works and it pretty much shows what I just explain before; that women care more about their looks. She dressed the egg up with makeup, hair, and a crown possibly because it’s the image of what everyone thinks when they hear or think about a woman.
It is kind of upsetting how people think about women because I personally don’t see what others see. I think we women are capable of anything. We just need to set our minds to it and not care what others believe or say. Parents could be a great encouragement to change this stereotype because as a parent we tend to push our little girls into girlie things. For instance, we tend to buy them dolls, princess outfits, dress them in pink, etc. so they think they have to “look cute.” I’m a parent and I feel that I tend to do this so I think it would help if I were to have an open mind and maybe interest my child into leggos or something where she can build which is supposedly a “boys thing” so she can start looking at her self differently or equal to anyone and be confident about herself.

I think hands on are a great way to learn but you always need guidance. I don’t think it’s enough when you are working with just your hands because you might not know what you are looking or working with until someone is telling you what you are doing or looking at. I think you don’t learn the concept as well without someone guiding you. As a child doing more hands on is exciting and I think it gives them the chance to explore and come up with hypotheses of why something might look a certain way or why something feels a certain way. But, it can also be a distraction for them. So with that being said, both hands-on and teacher guidance is important.

During my practicum from my previous class CYAF 270 I had to be part of a practicum. I did my practicum in a class of preschoolers so they were still young around 4-5 year olds. During playtime or “work time” they would have the opportunity to play in the block area, house area, art area, ipad area and toy area. I was watching over the children in kitchen area. There were two children trying to play with one toy and when I saw that they were arguing I went over and asked, “What is going on?” One of the students said, “I want to play with this.” I asked, “what can we do to solve this problem?” So we came up with a theory together that we would share. One would have five minutes to play with this toy then after those five minutes the next person would play with this toy for 5 minutes. I asked, “Do you think this will work?” They both said yes. I understood the child’s theory from the beginning. They had already known how to take turns but that never is the way they want to do things at first. I guess they just assume that they can get things when ever they want but that is not the case and by teaching them to share will help out with that. Next time I see something like this I hope to find out why they don’t ask politely for a turn with a toy.

At Naturepalooza I learned that there are actually wildlife in Nebraska. I thought the only wildlife there was, was in the zoo. I don’t really explore so I didn’t know that before. I’m not a big fan of insects so I wasn’t going to get near them but I thought they were pretty cool at a far distance. I got to see the different types of outdoor adventures I wasn’t aware of that the rec offers. I once got to water raft in Colorado and when we were going through the river I got to explore nature so I would definitely do it again. Kayaking is about the same so I might even try kayaking through the University. I would really encourage anyone to attend this event and explore nature.

I believe that playing outdoors is very beneficial. It can help reduce obesity and overweight in children and could help reduce the health issues that come with obesity. Playing outdoors gives opportunities to explore the natural world and learn about our environment. Young children explore through their senses and so outdoors would be a new world for them where they can use their senses to explore it. Outdoors would be a new world of sights, sounds, smells, and tactile experiences for the children. Children will engage in vigorous play, strengthen their muscles, hearts, and lungs if they are outside.
It can also encourage creativity and imagination and provides opportunities for collaboration and problem solving with peers. You never thought that the outdoor environment can do so much but it can. It supports motor skill development, literacy, language, culture, math, and science learning. In the articles it talked how many children don’t really get the opportunity to be outdoors when they go to day care and I agree. They will only be outside for about 30 minutes out of a 6-hour day, which is not very much.  If activities were to be done such as dramatic play, block building, manipulative play, or art activities they would be getting more action. More exploration of the natural environment would also be beneficial to children’s development. Having them explore would not only help their development, I think it would help them get all the curiousness they have inside them out.

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Hello, my name is Faviola Meza and I am a super senior here at UNL. I was born in Porterville, California but was raised in Omaha, Nebraska. I am a pre-nursing student with a major in Spanish and a minor in Child Youth and Family Studies. I plan to work with children as a nurse, which is why I am a CYAF minor and taking this course. I hope to learn more about child development and I just think it’s interesting.
I am the oldest from my dad’s side but second oldest from my mom’s. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I also have a beautiful 3-month-old daughter name Ariana. I love spending time with her, watching her grow because you only experience it once and I just love babies and young children which is another reason why I decided to minor in CYAF. 
I will be applying to a nursing program this fall and will be graduating in May. I decided to take the long route instead of coming to UNL for 2 years and then going to a nursing program.
My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, playing soccer, dancing, and traveling. I look forward to this course and hope to learn more about how they develop throughout their years.
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