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The I Don't Know
How can there be so much joy and beauty on this blue canvas. When clearly, in the bluest of blues there is unbearable sadness. I want to keep her with me. But she is his. His daughter. She left her beauty mark on this earth. How could you take her away from...

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Don't Let It End
My heart soars when I hear your name. I know you feel the same. My smile grows bigger and bigger with every memory Sometimes going back to the past is treachery. The song we shared together showed up on the radio today. The one I hope you hear again someday...

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Background Noise
Let me tell you a story Among a group of friends... A force is tearing a  them apart And no one is stopping it. Manipulation and lies. Love and surprise. Loss in direction Spreading like an infection. Fear and tears. Betrayal and denial. Add to the fire. Th...

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Last Night
Now to the drums and the electric guitar With it we will go far. Come to me, in a sweet embrace. Where I can see your loving face This battle doesn't seem to end... But tonight.. tonight... tonight Fighting fire with fire! Call me across the wire! Tonight t...

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Scars may be visible The marks of past aggression Words of confession Written on the skin That was once thrown in a bin Feet can venture far Run Run away  From this madness Leave it all behind Not a trace Not a sign Keep going.... Don't stop. Drink another ...

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A new dawn
Where are you? Who are you? I am lost and cannot find my way. I have lost sight of the light of day. Come take me where my heart longs to be. I cannot see the direction I am going. Endings come to fast. Everything I knew was a lie... Now I just want to die....

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A Light In A Broken World
Before this piece starts... I want to send my thoughts and prayers to Christina Grimmie and her family. As well as the shooting in Orlando. Don't live in silence if you need someone to talk to. Stay safe everyone and I'm sorry we have a world where sufferin...

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Fly...Fly Away....
fly_away_by_deingel-d2xjmgr.jpg My heart is somewhere else... Flying in the sky Finding somewhere to land. In someone's hand. Peaceful and gentle,  Like the sun at daybreak. I rise like the ocean Ready to embrace my new beginning. Embark on a new journey Of...

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Do I Dare?
This drink in my hand Do I turn it over; And walk away? Do I let the rim touch my lips Quenching the pain?  Oh, the sweet nectar! Lavishing across my worries. A scar open and bleeding over the bar. Heart pulls and tugs  the burden of memories across its vei...
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