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This should be fun. Maker Faire Rome 16-18 October.

Deadline to submit your project: 31st of May

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JavaScript has come a long way since I started using it. A light spreadsheet implemented in 30 lines of JavaScript without using libraries...

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Interesting event at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia - Milano this Friday through Sunday.

Your chance to get an Arduino t-shirt/bag and discount vouchers for the online store.

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Another interesting statistic regarding

Facebook and Google+ has (almost) the same number of likes/+1s.

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Pay what you want for a bundle of DRM free books and decide how much each of the authors and charities should get.

Interesting to see that Linux users are willing to pay more for the book bundle than Windows users at the moment:
  Average Windows: $12.51
  Average Mac: $14.70
  Average Linux: $15.53

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Getting your Mac to work like it should.
Tons of small tweaks like enabling tab in modal dialogs, don't reopen windows when you log in etc.

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It should be a fun season if Valentino Rossi continues to ride like in these photos

House warming party!

Just moved from my previous test/temporary Google+ profile to the new permanent one.
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