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Thomas Kavanagh
Ladies and Gentlemen. I love books, art, classical music, love, life, jazz, swing, blues, rock, soul, old R&B, Samuel Beckett.....
Ladies and Gentlemen. I love books, art, classical music, love, life, jazz, swing, blues, rock, soul, old R&B, Samuel Beckett.....


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My Google+ pages are nothing special at all. These pages are just for me to upload video's and post statuses on a random whim and not care for likes, views, comments or any attention. I just do this because it makes me feel better and helps me chill and relax. I seek these pages to just be for use for random video's and statuses i make and nothing beyond that... I have no interest in anything other then when i feel like it, i will upload one or two or twenty video's a day and or post one, two or twenty statuses a day and nothing else..... My pages are for now and then, is of no major interest to make exciting or important at all . I just add when i want to?
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The art of a simple smile.

To smile is to dance, to dance is to know the music within. This is how I see a smile being a light and a colorful display of happiness and oneness with yourself and wholeness with mother nature and the world and the universe.

To have a natural untainted and untamed smile. Is to be the purest of pure and to know that a natural smile is a smile that is remembered by you and by others.

Your natural smile is followed by the smile of others and then others and then mother nature smiles and when she smiles the world comes even more alive and bright and delightful.

One should never lose their natural smile, your natural smile is heightening your frequency and vibrations and when this occurs. The manifestation of completeness becomes true. You manifest what you believe and want and desire. And it all starts with a simple natural smile.

To which you feel everything and know all your wants and desires. The smile of a natural kind is your acknowledgment of happiness and enjoyment of your life and thus, you indulge in this always.

And when you do, you become the first stage of manifestation of a new reality and a new you, a new story, and a new light. This is a beautiful transition towards all things coming your way. This is how I believe it all starts

With a simple natural smile and that smile becomes a feeling and that feeling, becomes a want & desire and they become more and more of what you seek and thus you cannot give this intoxication up and so you keep naturally doing it.

So this is what I do and this is how I start with my change. I naturally and untainted-ly smile and I never let my naturality change at all.

I become the center and I leave all the noise and chaos to the outer regions of the self-centrality. I see the natural smile all the time from those that engage in wonderful voice and jest. It makes me smile and a smile with such fantastic-ness. That I forget all other presences and existence around me and thus I forget the illusion, which is what I always want and desire to forever forget in the first place.

" The smile is a dance of the cheeks and lips and the actions of a happy and pure person. One should smile with meaning and not because. One should smile for the beauty others observe and become intrigued by and copy with a natural intent. One should smile because the world and life and the universe encourage it always and without restrictions. "
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The universe and I? and Why it's important?

So what is, the Universe and I?. Well, it is me and the universe as one higher being, the higher self of which I know I have and many if none know I have and I have the intention to know my higher self and it wants me to find light and find self.

I have always been a searcher of answers to me and all of me. I just never had the concentration and capacity to care back then. But since my past has come and gone and all other aspects of my past life and also the future is not set.

I am of the presence and thus, this is the ideal time to know me for me, by me and always discovering me and to know why I am a meaning and a presence.

The universe is not being unsavory in hiding the truth from me or having it so obvious that I am too ego driven and obnoxious to know the presence of my higher self right in front of me.

So, since my travels into a darker part of me. I have come to the realization. That I am a meaning for a higher self, a higher light, and environment.

So my intent is to manifest a higher and more powerful mind of which I know is present always and is one hundred percent unlocked. I just have never gone beyond the percentage we actually use. Which is fifteen percent or slightly more?

To manifest love, happiness, joy, passion, light, color, wonder, and my soulmate or twin flame of which is the same. But both names are important to many and me.

To manifest the truth about me, my meaning, my presence, my spiritual self, my higher self, and my universe within me. Which is my entire heart, mind, soul, self, and the universe?

To not get in my own way, to not let ego be me and not let the illusion to become me. I am much more intense and passionate about this and I have let go of all that is holding me down and blocking any progress I so want and desire.

To learn what, I mean, what WANT means, what DESIRE means, and to know what HIGHER SELF means and how to become all of them and to unlock all of the true me. Through the manifestation of a new reality.

Because what you feel and what you become is what your reality becomes. If you are constantly sorry, angry, upset, annoyed, frustrated, judgmental, hypocritical, a trend, and ego.

These are what creates the uncomfortable, unsettling and blockage in knowing your true higher self. You are constantly getting in your own way.

I am not anymore and I intend to open my Pineal Gland ( THIRD EYE ) and see the world from many many different perspectives and wonders. I am not afraid to go and be the higher self I was born to become.

" For the universe to hide or in plain sight know your higher self before you. It's not unsavory or ego driven. It is a true challenge for anyone that wants to know by not knowing and then knowing for not knowing. Because the universe has no ego and has no unsavory scruples. Because the universe is us and we are the universe and so we are all higher selves. Just not everyone knows there's, I know mine. "
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Habits of my mind?

The habits my mind has, are the reasons I do not manifest or attract my wants & desires. And also my true soulmate and or twin flame. Plus the new reality I soul search for always.

These habits have made the transition to a new reality really hard and unconformable and thus, I cannot regret or blame as that is making it even harder. I have to accept and challenge my habits head on and relinquish their grasp on me.

The habits are these four unhealthy presences.

1. The past.

2. Fear of change.

3. Judgment

4. Turning the impossible into the possible

First, the past.

This is so unhealthy and a blockage to the now. Because of the vividness of its existence to me and how It has impacted my life up to a point. A single relationship that destroyed all hope of future love with anyone or my true soulmate or twin flame. Because I lost all hope in passion, love, connection, purity, and spiritual enlightenment.

But also my past as a drunk and a mess and an anti-social, disconnected to all people and marking people as useless and pointless towards or to me and thus I became a hermit and never connected or warranted a reason to connect to anyone.

Second, Fear of change.

This is because everything I assumed would heal me and yelled a perfect existence failed and because of an embarrassment to me and all who invested an intrigue or interest in my progress and passion and when many attempts failed and or never even started. I was reluctant to even consider it an option to myself.

So fear become a by-product of this and thus I always have it as a little whisper within. Telling me, failure is your aphrodisiac and nothing else compares to the euphoric taste and thus embrace it always and never change. Because you can't

Third. Judgment.

This is because I judge everything and treat it harshly for its presence and existence. I have always done this, people yes, color no. I have never judged anyone for their color. I have judged all people of which I have seen and how they have acted and I have labeled them.

But this is not just people. I have judged relationships, music, the world, life, the universe, religion, practices of all kinds, and even existence. This is by far the biggest obstacle I have to pass. Because we all judge and hate being judged. So it is contradictory to judge others and not allow them to pass judgment upon you.

But in an ideal world. No one should judge anyone for any reason whatsoever. But this is not an ideal world and I am not a saint for my actions and no one ever is in this practice of ego.

And the final one.

Four, Turning the impossible into the possible.

This comes to thoughts of scenarios of which I never want to be true or even consider a presence in reality. Well, the current reality I reside in. Like an old relationship rekindling or a moment of broken friendship or a disarmament of my greatness and intelligence.

My ego triumphant over self and my health failing and me being usurped from this planet to find the answer to the meaning of life and all things.

Or my disconnect from me, the world, mother nature, the universe, and meaning. I want them to be sure to always be connected to me, the world, mother nature, the universe, and meaning.

These are my existence and these are me, as I am them. So to have the alternative of disconnect and these other scenarios to play out. Frightens me and for me to lose all my progress thus far. Fears me more and there the fear is whispering again.

" I seek nothing for everything, I have everything for not seeking. So I am close to being free and close to my habits being no more. The more I reassure my presence and dominance over my habits. The more I become me for me, by me, all for me. The universe, my heart, my soul, and my mind are all one creation and thus I exist because I have meaning and I exist because the universe has a reason. "
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Manifesting my new reality?

To manifest a reality of goodness and love. I have to refocus the energy I have on the positive over the negative. Now to do this, I have to accept negative comes with positive and vice versa. It is a law of reality really.

One needs the other to exist and again to co-exist with both without abandoning one altogether. I have to accept both while trying to focus on one which will be the positive side.

Now to do this, like I have said. I have to accept both and never try and hide or run away from the other. The reason for this is the fact if you renounce one over the other. The renounced will be the primal focus of you because you are avoiding the reality that might be.

To know this is to accept both as balanced and equal without segregation of one over the other. Now to focus on the positive wholeheartedly. Is to reprogram your mind into accepting the bad parts or the past of which we all have.

I accept my past as being what it was and thus I can move forward without it blocking my manifestation for goodness and love and my manifestation for self.

Everything in life comes and goes and thus, my past came and my past goes and fades into the background never to be called upon again. I have to train my subconscious mind to make it clear that repeating of words and thoughts of goodness and love and true wants and desires.

Are the only things I want in me, life, the universe, and all things. I do repeat these sentences over and over again.

1. My past does not define me, it does not hurt me anymore, it came and went and never comes around again.

2. I am manifesting a life of goodness, love, joy, happiness, truth, balance, none judgment of others or the world.

3. I accept things as they are. I accept badness and goodness exist because they need each other to exist.

4. I promise to have pure goodness in my thoughts, all negative thoughts come and go so quick I never have time to realize there existence.

5. I, my mind, my soul, my heart are all the universe and the world. As the world and the universe are the whole me.

6. My mind is infinite, my mind is powerful, my mind is unique as I'm unique, my mind is the gateway to all I want to manifest in a new reality.

These are the six important steps to me reprogramming my subconscious and creating a new reality for me.

Because, what my mind, my heart, my surface self-thinks and feels and emotionally become is what my reality truly is. I manifested a reality of negativity, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, hate, and hurt.

They created a world I felt weak, alone, lost, drowned in all negative things and never thought I could become more than what I mentioned.

So I have set a universal and self-challenge. To reprogram, manifest, become, invest, and create a new reality for me and make myself really happy, loved, truth, light, and universal with all things.

" This is a new and exciting experience and wonder for me to be me and to know me. To know the world, the universe, and all things. As I know from what I have learned thus far. I am more interconnected with all that I ever thought possible. I am all thing as all things are me. "
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Helping one another?

Well before I consider the Helping one another? as the start, I would consider you helping yourself first. Be you and only you and this will be a condition for happiness for you and the world.

The world smiles when you smile, the world breathes when you are happy and the world lives when you live your unique and beautiful life as the only real you.

You are encoded and have been created to be unique, beautiful, an abundance of greatness, and one with self. The world and the universe is your home of centrality and oneness with all things.

Be you, become you, and then when this is real and true. This will filter out to others and others will see these changes of virtues over vice and uniqueness over the trends.

The world and the universe know who you are. You are the reason why you don't know who you are. What blocks this know is what you repeat as constant and what you create as your reality.

You think negatively and uncertainties with " WHAT IF " you are essentially creating an illusion and are being drowned by these illusions and thus the real self, the real you the world and the universe knows who you truly are.

Is forcibly removed from you by you and when you do this, all you will receive is what you create and manifest as fake wants, desires, uncertainties, and anxieties always.

The world, the universe, and self. Need you to be aware of you and all your uniqueness and wants and desires you seek. For all things to have meaning and connection.

You are all things as all things are you. Train you conscious and subconscious mind to be one unified mass of greatness, uniqueness, oneness, loveness, happiness, truthness, totalness, world-ness, and universalness.

You are what you manifest and what you attract. You are more than the status quo and the trends of this world. You are the world, you are the universe, you are self, and you are all things.

" Grow yourself first and all will grow around you, the light, the world, the people, nature, the color, the happiness, the love, the greatness, the uniqueness, and the universe. Without ownership of self. Nothing else will exist. With ownership of self and the happy, love, uniqueness that comes with it. The reality you live will change for the better and others will come forth with change via your change. "
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Self-mind Discipline?

Which entails. self-discovery, self-awareness, self-learning, self-wants and self-desires, self-happiness, and self-self.

I aim to remove and prevent negative thoughts of all kinds and negative approach to all things. People, life, me, failures, let downs, and anger.

To remove one is a process of simplicity and will. To remove all is determination and willpower for discipline and freedom of all heavy baggage that comes with accepting them into your life and being drowned within them.

Accept them and make them nothing more than just there and then gone in an instance. The worse thing in life is to make everything out to be nothing more than a hardship and an obstacle. It is what it is and you determine the longevity of its stay no one else.

Don't be conditioned by the norm, be extraordinary and unique. Be you and only you and nothing else. Weakness is a factor of life and so is the strength. Learn both and learn to balance them out. Your biggest strength is accepting you for who you are and not being torn down piece by piece by others.

Others might see life as a live fast and die hard. You should see life as beautiful always because I am beautiful as well and I make myself and the world colorful and happy because I am unique and extraordinary and the true me.

I aim to do this and be my unique self, and not be conditioned by the simplistic nature of those that feel that life is a waste of time and should not acknowledge it or acknowledge the universe and are always an ego and always trying to one-upmanship life and the universe.

I am the opposite. I acknowledge the life and the universe and I know they made me and let me be free and I owe them nothing as they owe me nothing. So we work in harmony and with intentions of beauty and love and self.


Is simple, you dive into yourself and find out who you are and the meaning of you and the meaning of all connections you have with you, nature, the world, and the universe. Establish or re-connect and become more and discover more about yourself.


Is when you become self-aware of all things and how without them you are not you and without you, they are not they and this awareness. Helps you relink, re-connect and reestablish the strength and love and appreciation for all things being you and you being all things.


Is when you learn that the whole thing, life, the surface you, people, the mind of which creates what you think and what you fakely desire and want. Is all a game and a dance and when you learn all this. You understand better and have better knowledge of the illusion.

Self-wants & Self-desires.

These are the true wants and desires one seeks and are of most part. Unaware they exist. They assume the wants and desires they have are the true ones and never look beyond them fakes and thus they live under the illusions that they are really the real ones. When they are far from it. Unless you have discovered they for truth and know that is what you truly and really want and desire.


Be happy with who you are. Nothing in this world is worse than an unhappy person who does not accept themselves for who they are. Always wanting to design a new self and design a fake self-realism and or a false happiness that is determined by a product of others design. Be you and only you, nothing is more real and true than this. Self-happiness of who you are makes you beautiful and unique.


Is the combination of aforementioned above and much much more. You are a believer in something, be that believer in yourself and you are a lover. But before loving others, be a self-love of yourself. Know you, be you, and always want and desire yourself to be self.

Nothing in this world determines or conditions you to be the same as others. Only you do that and only you do self harm by doing that. You hurt your heart, your mind, your soul, and self.

They become weak and you rely more on the fake world, the illusion, and the self is buried underneath all this and if you want to be more than the surface you. Then be the unique, beautiful, wonderful, and whole you. Nothing is more real than knowing yourself.

"These are the truths of my journey to be self and all aforementioned and then much much more. I have come to know self-discipline of the mind and know what I must do to achieve natural order and natural acceptance of the light and self within me. These are who I am and what I always was. I am the world, I am nature, I am the universe, and I am self. The meaning of life is a question I will ask. When I find the meaning to me first. "
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How to empty a hyper mind?

That is the enlightenment type question really, especially for me and how my mind works and how I deal with the hyper-ness on a daily basis. Now I have covered this before. But the results of my relaxation and meditation have yielded many results of conflict or win.

The conflict is this.

Conflict comes from the constant feeding of my mind of the banalest and dumb stuff. Like, once a long time ago T.V, and now it is, people of little to no conscious of logic or reasoning, modern music of which is free sound for all and unfortunate I am there and my ears pick this un-influenced mess.

Constantly getting stuck in a status quo and or being stuck in an endless loop of banal torment from those I seek to abolish from ear and sight. With a walk or a closed mind to them.

Plus the constant weakness on my part, for I am so used to these distractions. That I just let them in and let my mind find them either entertaining or I try and find logic or answers to them every time.

So, therefore, my mind is in constant conflict with fullness versus emptiness and the latter seems to never really win and this is a huge issue for one with a hyper mind.

The win is this.

I succeed in most parts of which is old memories, relationship, failures, hate, anger, frustration, constantly belittling myself and or imagining myself useless and bottomless.

Others I am almost winning in is Anxiety, fear, depression, thoughts of dark times, mental breakdowns of old and remembering them, paranoia, and self-awareness of all aforementioned.

These transitions to an empty mind or an enlightened phase of an empty mind. Is where I seek strength to just remind myself, that is all just a dance and this is all not real and once I am conscious of self. These both conflict and win will become gone and never warrant the second acknowledgment.

" To meditate is to know nothing and be aware of everything. To be the self is to not know self to be self. To be enlightened is to know you are not forcing an enlightenment under falsehood or purpose. It has to be natural and undisturbed. To be all aforementioned, you have to not know, to know. This end result is space over fullness. "

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How do you detach yourself from an Impactfulness that was so natural and so untamed and untainted by many and yet you seem attached out of an impossible into a possible?

Yet, dreaming the total opposite altogether. You try a many a things to obtain passage to the space you crave and all you do is mentally and unprovoked invite them into the empty space you made for the meaning of distance and comfort.

But the nature of the system really is the Impactful nature they had or still have over you is so strong, that you wonder when will it fade into past echo.

No matter how naturally I try to avert this memory or at least treat it like an echo or a past life of a different version of me, well this me all who see me now.

Seem to have not got the meaning behind the reasoning of my search for self and my passage to my old connection to the universe. To rekindle that connection with the universe. The one I lost when I became an ego and nothing else.

It is amazing that even though time has passed like the calmness of a lake. You would consider this enough time for a fade away and not an unwelcome stay. It is amazing that one has one constant and yet that constant is harmful on self and not a pleasure.

The only real conclusion, Is forcefulness and trying to intensely mislead my mind into thinking of this for the sake of passing it on to nothing more than an echo.

But the problem with an echo, it repeats until distance and the ears and the eyes are not within sound or sight. So I have to now, stop creating a memory echo with this. Or I will forever be in sound and sight of it always.

Not easy considering the time of this memory and all that comes with it. I developed Anxiety, Paranoia, Fear, Unwelcome unsanctioned hurt, and unwelcome wants & desires out of this. And an unbelievable thought pattern of trying to turn an impossible into a possible.

Nothing of all this is healthy and I know this. That is why I seek self, the true self within me to find me and to be my wants, desires, happiness, joy, love, and universe.

I just need to unblock this unwelcome heart, mind, and soul. This is not going to be easy. Knowing the uncanny ability of my weakness in old memories and echoes.

" Naturally, un-trickery behavior, Honesty, And conscious of my own self. These will be the start of building a self and unblocking the prevention of progress, happiness, joy, love, self, and my re-connection to the universe. "
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Making My Own Plays?

Now, this is a somewhat misleading title, as I have no clue in how to convey a play in any way imaginable or even know how to start an opening dialogue without depths and meaning and character or words and person or persons.

To assume the role of an instant knower of how to write or construct or even think up a play word for word, an action for action, mind for a mind, realism for realism, and ending for ending.

Is something I would never assume I have talent in. But I would never pass an opportunity of this level without finding out my minds skill to open up and become limitless in this field.

I know I have a way with tongue in conversations and word in writing. But I have never penned anything on this level and I am up for finding out if I can get the start or have an ending and what is in between is what is important.

To have the location, the furniture, the surroundings, the characters, the lighting, the scenes, the object of importance or the objects of important, the objects of temporary, and the interaction and much much.

I take my interest beyond just the believability of the characters. I take inspiration from the creator of the ones in the pictures. My inspiration is Samuel Beckett. He is the gentleman that has helped me come to this interesting decision and challenge.

I have watched his plays, the performances, the interactions, the emotions, the eyes, and the bodies become the plays they perform and he has made me know these plays almost up by heart and much more.

Right down to the sounds of the voices, the object or objects being used, and the placement of all things within the plays. This has laid me to think of all this.

And instead of watching, memorizing. And knowing every single word, interaction, emotion, beginning, end, middle, monologue, and character.

Why not create my own and take nothing from his. But be inspired by his and learn the process and learn the bad parts and good parts. And adopt a knowing to failure, but keep learning and keep moving forward.

" So to challenge me, my talent, my mind, and my limitless potential. I can create anything my mind, heart, soul, and space can desire and I will and I will use every part of my mind to achieve a work I can be proud of. "
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