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Anyone playing online this week?
 I haven't played B/X is a long long time.

Anyone on the Rochester, NY area playing? I just moved to the area and I'm looking to meet some of the locals.

Is anyone running or interested in starting up an online game? I'm looking to join a group or run a game of my own. 

Hey everyone, I just picked up the game and I'm curious if anyone is playing online?

Is anyone running an online game I can join? It's been a long time for me with the Palladium system, but I unearthed some old books and I'm feeling nostalgic. :)

Is anyone running a 5th edition game online? I just picked up the books and I'm looking to get some experience with the system.

Anyone looking for a player or GM for an online game? I'm good with either. I'm on the east coast.

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