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J. Griffin Stewart
Husband, photographer, lifelong learner, teacher & designer traveling the world since 2009. I ♥ .
Husband, photographer, lifelong learner, teacher & designer traveling the world since 2009. I ♥ .

Does anyone know if there is a way to combine duplicate pages and change the main youtube account for Google+ Pages?  

If not, can I delete the duplicate pages and get rid of them forever without getting rid of the gmail accounts associated with them?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Keep as Main Page -
Not needed -
Not Needed -

Main YouTube Account -

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Cool Church we visited the other day in Zageb.

Check out this #photosphere of Zagreb, Croatia on Google Maps Views
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Hello friends and fellow photographers!

We are looking for well qualified affiliates for an amazing photography event coming up in October. We will be donating 10% of proceeds from the event to charity, so it will help some great causes. If you have a larger following and are familiar with affiliate sales, please feel free to apply on this page and we will get back to you very soon.

For more information on the event and to be notified when it launches, feel free to check out the home page and sign up for the newsletter:
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Here are some fun Google Hangout tricks to try on your next hangout:

Typing in “/Pitchforks” in a Google Hangouts dialogue box will launch a stream of angry townspeople racing across the screen with pitchforks.  “/ShyDino” will feature a green dinosaur hiding behind a small house in your chat window, while typing “/BikeShed” will also change the background color. And they didn't forget My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in Google Hangouts, either: Typing in “/Ponies” or “/Ponystream” will make animated ponies dash across your chat window.
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Great wisdom and insight from my friend +James Brandon!
Money, Happiness and Doing What You Love | The Endless Delusion

Six years ago today I was sitting at a desk working at Bank of America as a personal banker and loan officer. It was a means to an end, nothing more; the pursuit of a paycheck by any means necessary. I was dead inside. I always felt bad about hating it because I would always remind myself of how fortunate I was to have this white collar job, selling everything from free savings accounts to multi million dollar homes. People think that if you're making money, you are blessed. 

I'm here to tell you that mindset is bull crap. 

Why haven't we ever learned this and moved on? Why is the pursuit of happiness so synonymous with the pursuit of wealth? Every single day I turn on the news and hear about some celebrity who committed suicide, ended up in rehab, got a divorce or ended up in prison because of a DWI. These are the people that seemingly have it all; endless wealth, mansions, italian sport cars, closets full of designer clothes, butlers, private jets, private islands, yachts...the entire world at their fingertips. They are undoubtedly also doing what they love, whether that be acting, singing or being paid tens of millions of dollars to play a sport. So why are they all so damn unhappy? 

Get ready because I'm about to lose some followers. That's ok. There are three things that I believe contribute to true and lasting happiness. Here they are...

A Strong Family Life

A while back I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Happiness." It discussed a survey that found that the average American is no more happy than a person living in the slums of Bombay, India. This should be an absolutely shocking revelation fore most people. How can this be? Well, like I said before; wealth, fame, endless riches...all of that means literally nothing if you're dead inside and alone. The reason that people in the slums are at the same level of happiness is because (despite their current conditions) they all for the most part have large and close knit families. Strong families support each other, they love each other, they keep each other humble and they are always there for each other in times of need. That trumps everything else that you can gain from being rich and having things. 

The Decision To Be Happy

The pursuit of happiness is foolish. It's an ever-moving target if you think about it as something you must go out and find. Happiness starts with a decision to be happy. That's it. If you are reading this sentence then it is almost guaranteed that you have a computer. That also means that you have a roof over your head. You most likely eat three meals a day (at least) and have a way to get from point A to point B when needed. You also probably have family members who love you, regardless of your current relationship with them. All of that put together means that you are literally amongst the wealthiest people on this planet. When you can truly put all of that into perspective, you'd be a fool not to be happy. 

Keeping up with the Jones's is a fools errand. Stop spending money you don't have to buy things you don't need to impress people you don't even like. You know what I've discovered in my brief time here on Earth? It's this: nobody gives a crap what kind of car you drive, how big your house is or how much money or influence you have. Going broke in order to impress other people is one of the most backwards-thinking ideologies in existence. Once you've "impressed" someone, now what? What did you accomplish? Well, here's what you accomplished: You made that person feel inferior. Good job. 

A True Relationship With God

This is obviously going to be the controversial item of the bunch but I don't really understand why; most polls show that 90% of Americans believe in a god. Here's the thing though: Believing in a god or "being a Christian" doesn't equal having a relationship with God. Going to church doesn't mean you have a relationship with God. There are people within the church, people in church leadership...who are just as miserable as the celebrities I mentioned earlier. Again, being a Christian and believing in God doesn't make you any happier or better off than anyone else. When you actually accept Christ into your heart and start seeing the world through His eyes and start knowing Him; you begin to realize that you are never alone and therefore never lonely. You're self worth is no longer tied up in the people you know, the number of zeroes on your checks, or the size of your house. 

For those who have been hurt by Christians I would say this: How a person treats you has nothing to do with the God they claim to represent. A hypocritical church or a hypocritical church leader doesn't equal a hypocritical God. People are capable of terrible things, we all know that. People have done horrific things in the name of faith but that's because the people doing those things are horrific people and have twisted views on just about everything. The crusaders and Mother Theresa all believed in the same God. The difference was not the God they served. The crusaders were evil people with twisted minds and Mother Theresa was a good and righteous person. That's it. There is so much more to it than that but I assume that you're either going to be with me or against on this. If you want to discuss it further, feel free message me. 


In the beginning of this post I mentioned my time as a banker and how I was dead inside. I left that job in the pursuit of happiness and became a photographer. Years later I found myself shooting weddings and everything else you could think of. I was no more happy than I was at the bank. Now I've all but stopped taking clients and am focusing on what I truly love; capturing the beauty of this world and teaching others how to do the same. That certainly helps with the whole happiness thing (doing what I truly love to do) but it fades in comparison to the three things on that list above.

I'm fully aware that some people will see the last point on that list and get upset. I certainly don't claim to know everything and I absolutely don't claim to have all the answers. But what good I have found in my life, I want to share it. It's up to you whether or not you will receive it. 

This photo also makes me happy, and that's why I used it for this post :-)

#photography   #tips   #lifelessons   #grandcanyon   #sunrise   #nationalpark   #happiness   
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Our Lady Of Pompeii Church - New York City, New York.
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More image of #nycphotography   here -

I spent the day yesterday at the Riverside Church in Morningside Heights in New York City taking photos.  Many churches have outlawed tripods lately, so I am always careful to wait to pull out the tripod until I think I may not be seen for a bit.  In this case, I was able to capture about half of the main sanctuary before I noticed the security guards looking at me and then one coming towards me.  I was happy with what I had been able to capture, but was bummed I would probably have to capture the rest handheld and make sacrifices in quality.

Thankfully, to my surprise, the security guard only wanted to know if I was filming/recording.  I told him I was only taking pictures and he said that was fine as long as I did not take video and never said anything about the tripod not being allowed so I was thrilled.  After capturing the rest of the sanctuary, I went to talk to the two security guards about the church, its history and some of the design features.  They were very knowledgable and friendly and shared about the beautiful view from the clock tower that used to be accessible by the public, but now was not due to insurance costs.

After chatting a bit one of the guards offered to show me the 2nd balcony even though it was technically closed and he would have to accompany me to allow me in.  Again, I was thrilled and thankfully and gladly accepted such a kind and generous offer.  We ended up chatting for a while and it turns out he is a photography enthusiast for portraits and horse photography and we own the same camera.  We chatted a bit about Cameras, lenses, different types of photographers and more and then I set up to take some photos including this one.

It was so refreshing to be in a beautiful historic and religious building where they were OK with and even excited to see photographers taking pictures of their building.  So often these days photographers with tripods are seen as a nuisance security and insurance risk and more and in many buildings tripods are illegal.

If you have a change to visit New York City and are looking for a beautiful church a little off the beaten tourist path, I highly recommend the awe inspiring Riverside Church in Morningside Heights and, while up there, make sure to pay a visit to General Grant's Tomb located literally across the street.
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Hi fellow wordpress and photography fans!  I know a lot of +Peter Adams awesome plugin allow you to add metadata and that the full resolution image in wordpress will have original metadata, but is there anything to do for the resized images to have them keep their metadata as well?

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Thanks for any help or suggestions that can be offered.

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New Review Posted
Just posted another Photography Ebook Review. This one is of +Eli Reinholdtsen's eBook Chasing Reflections. Check it out and buy the eBook for only $5!

"This ebook is well suited for an aspiring street photographer. It gives plenty of ideas to take advantage of reflections on the street and around the city…"

Review by +Jason Teale.

The eBook is for sale on the +Craft & Vision website which was started and is owned by the talented photographer and author +David duChemin.
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+Trey Ratcliff has capture my favorite church in the world beautifully!  This is Sainte Chapelle and although it is only a few minutes from Notre Dame, most tourists miss it/never know about it.  If you are visiting Paris and visiting Notre Dame, be sure to cheek out this church.  You will not be disappointed!
10 Free scholarships for the new post-processing video!  About 24 hours till the live Google+ Hangout!

Don't forget we're also giving away an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand to visit me in Queenstown during the big photo adventure event!

In the comments, just say, something like "I want in!" or whatever you like.  Of course, you get the full 10+ hour course at which you can download immediately and can join me for the big live event tomorrow.  I'll do some live demos, critiques, an extended Q&A session, and much more!  I'm really looking forward to the event — we've got some cool stuff planned!
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