Third Week #evomc16

This weekend’s blizzard was fortuitous because I am feeling overwhelmed by Minecraft.  There is so much to know, and I am still figuring out basics in Creative, such as coordinates, torches and sea lanterns.  I am in awe  my fellow MOOCers’creativity; they are building castles, libraries, tree houses and zombie pits.  I flew home and tried to build a greenhouse with fountains and tropical fruits, fell out of the world after I fell into the water and had to respawn.  So my greenhouse is now a memorial to the first me.

We are going into Survival mode next week, and I have to practice how to build shelter and fend off mobs.  Learning Minecraft is more difficult than I thought it would be, and I would be completely lost without experts to help me with the basics.  The YouTube videos are invaluable, but Minecraft can be disorienting, and it’s wonderful to have someone there to answer questions or help with emergencies.

To use Minecraft in a classroom, students would have to spend several hours learning the basics, and then work in small groups with at least one expert to work and accomplish tasks.  Our meeting with Bron Stuckey today was a fascinating introduction to project-based learning with Minecraft, and I hope to use some of the examples and ideas from the meeting in the near future. 
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