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Taralee Duffin
Living the crochet dream :-)
Living the crochet dream :-)


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Circle in a Square Motif Squares #23 & 24
We're just about to 2017!  And I think that 2016 has been hard on a great many of us.  Fortunately, I remember plenty of good things that happened through the year.  I am always grateful to feel like I have a new year to work with, to change and make things...

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Double Crochet Squares #21 & 22
November has certainly been eventful!  Saying the election season has been interesting would be an understatement.  Plus, my little girl had her first dance recital!  This was a big deal for me too (like last month's piano recital).  We tried ballet with he...

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Italian Motif Squares #17 & 18
My sweet 9 yr old with autism spectrum disorder had her first piano recital last week!  This was a big deal for me.  She did a great job on her piece, and I think she really enjoyed it.  She just started taking lessons about a month and a half ago - so this...

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Popsicle Spike Stitch Squares #16 & 17
September - I don't even know what to say about it.  We had good and exciting things happen, but we also were touched by tragedy and so much sadness....  A friend of one of my children took his own life.  The boy was 15 yrs old.  This has been such a shock ...

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Bow Tie Squares #15 & 16
This summer truly seemed like a whirlwind going by dotted with vacation, camps, visitors,  and lots of zucchini!  I'm not doing well at keeping up on the zucchini part, but seem to have made it through the rest.  I did find a recipe that my family really li...

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Triangle Lace Squares #13 & 14
Hi friends!  July has been HOT!  I am grateful for air-conditioning!  I think our sweet little pug is too.   They have a harder time cooling off than most dogs since they have the smushed in noses.  We have to wait until it's later in the evening and has co...

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Granny Squares 11 & 12
Well my friends, June is practically over.  This post is well overdue, but I do have some rather good excuses for being late on this one. Excuse #1: Family trip to Maui. My awesome kids on the beach in Maui June 2016 My sweet parents-in-law took their whole...

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Padded Clusters Squares 9 & 10
It's now May - we're almost halfway through the year already and I can hardly believe it.  I remember as a child thinking that time passed so slowly - but the older I get, the faster it seems to go by. May's squares feature a stitch pattern called 'padded c...

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Simple Crochet Cables Squares 7 & 8
It's been so nice to see the sun shining this month!  Spring always seems to bring new hope and energy for me after the long cold winter months.  I especially love seeing the spring bulbs blooming adding that splendid color to the landscape.  My favorite ar...

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Picot Shells Crochet Squares 5 & 6
So friends, this is my crochet blog.  It is also an outlet for my musings and epiphanies about life and keeping it real.   So if you're just here for the crochet patterns, feel free to skip down a few paragraphs.  If, however, you'd like some glimpses into ...
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