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Thanks for the PSA, Jimmy.

I remember the first time seeing an episode of Star Trek. I don't remember the episode. I don't remember how old I was. I just remember seeing the tall skinny man with pointy ears. He was smart, level headed, and did amazing things. I saw him and knew it was okay to be a nerd. I saw him and knew I wanted to focus my attention on science and technology. As much as I hate casting role model status on people these days, that's exactly what he was to me.

Thank you, Leonard Nimoy, for being an inspiration to nerds and geeks for almost half a century. Thank you for helping us see that it's okay to be smart. May your legacy continue to inspire further generations.

Good bye, old friend. You will be missed.

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+Tammy Parney+Bri Chalfant
Violet Blue reviews the new "hacker" movie.

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So Matthew Inman thinks I should get a selfie stick.

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For those who like Star Trek tribute bands and tots.

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An interesting debate concerning life after death "does it exist". A worthwhile listen regardless of your stance.

I love when people attempt to use the word "logic" as a segue
for an argument but have no idea what it is.
"I don't believe the numbers in this report would be so far negative. Logically, this report is incorrect."


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Was reading on and saw this answer lol!
The question was about callbacks in C#
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