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The "making of" mini-documentary for my upcoming fifth album and first novel, Fresh Water In The Salton Sea.

I love this time of the day.
That precious little space in the middle.
Just after I'm really waking up.
Just before I can cook my breakfast on the sidewalk.

today is +Holly Kennedy 's birthday. And I'm on the road.
Musicians aren't so good at things like that-- which is food for thought if you're considering becoming a musician. Or marrying one.
More so marrying one, I think.

Taking off for the long drive up to Winnsboro.
Operative word: long.
On a positive note, a hearty congrats to my main man Josh Grider on his upcoming Live At Billy Bob's recording!

Keeping it close to home tonight with an acoustic show at River Road Ice House.
But first-- I have to finish up this beadboarding that I've been putting of for an eternity.
Someone please bring strong drink.

ohhhh, so that's how this works.

I think I like this new fangled internet contraption thing.

happy for Team USA!

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