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Ah ha. Well that certainly explains a few things.

EA CEO John Riccitiello On Gaming Microtransactions

TLDW: The EA CEO is almost giddy over how gamers will throw money at microtransactions once they've gotten invested in the game.

My opinion: It's a corporation trying to make money. All well and good. This isn't terribly surprising. However, they're not selling you a complete product. His exact example is letting a player reload for 50 cents.

I bought a game. Not an interactive corporate storefront. I personally like microtransaction systems, but only as an extra aside, not a staple for basic gameplay.

And this is why I'm avoiding EA products.

Who's got four thumbs and a finished first draft?

Bob Kelso and This Guy.

So, ten months on this one. That's about twice as long as it should have taken. Extenuating circumstances and all that, but I've definitely leveled up. Final count 101,418.

Time for some Mass Effect 3, some rum, and some plotting for the third DEMON book.

Can anyone think of any way to get a solicitor to stop calling you?

It's some damn credit card service offering to lower my rate for a mere $800, which they charge to the card. I'm not interested. My phone is on the Do Not Call list. And I've asked them, more than once, to quit calling. When I ask, they either agree to take me off the list (and then don't), or simply hang up. Because clearly pestering the crap out of me is the best way to get me to buy your crappy service.

Complaints to the FCC haven't worked. Big problem there is there's no way to get an actual human on the phone or email. I can submit a complaint on their site or in writing, but all that goes into a database. Which would be fine, except that this company switches their dialing numbers twice a month. There's not enough time for it to build up in the FCC database and trip any alarms.

Thing is, every infraction is a 16k to 25k fine. They call me up to five times a day, and it's all on record. I'm betting this shady little company doesn't have a few million to spend on fines, but at least the FCC could shut them down.

I'm seriously contemplating calling the FBI. These guys are breaking Federal laws, right? And when the FBI tells me that there's nothing they can do, I can ask "So you're saying YOU would be just as helpless as ME if the tables were reversed?" The answer should prove interesting.

Interesting! And awesome if it goes well.

TLDR: The first private freighter will make a test delivery and return from the ISS over the next couple of weeks. It's a robotic flight, hauling nothing vital. If it works, then the president's plan to contract private industries for orbital deliveries and free up NASA cash for solar system explorations will be vindicated.


Me: If I ever get an HBO special, I'm totally putting a 15 year old boy on staff.
Jen: I don't think YOU really need one. Come on, if any scene needs that certain something, 'more boobs' is such an Eric response.

Is there any question as to how much I love this woman??

A friend attended Eastercon this year. He didn't go to GRRM's WINDS OF WINTER reading at the last minute. Said he didn't want spoilers.

I've got news for him though: Everyone dies.

Oh, spoilers, by the way...

Nog: Just give me a chance Chief, and I can get us that stabilizer from the quartermaster in three days.
O'Brian: ... Okay. But don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Nog: I can't operate under those kind of restrictions, Chief.
O'Brian: ....... Okay, but don't do anything that might get us court-martialed.
Nog: I'll try.
O'Brian: <sigh>

#WIP: With great power comes a really hefty user's guide.

Starting to think the meaning of the word 'saga' is getting diluted from overuse.

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This reminds me of those artists on my friends list that do nothing but pimp their books:

TLDR: Okay, how did you NOT read that? It's about twenty seconds long! If you really want the nutshell, treat your virtual presence like your actual presence. Don't say anything you wouldn't say in person. You wouldn't start a conversation with "Hi, I'm author number forty-five! Please buy my book!" So don't do that online.

See? Even reading my less-than-hilarious TLDR took more time than clicking through. You humans are useless some days! Where's my booze?
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