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Hi All:

Recently, I've experienced how deeply connected Empathic traits are to Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Having the ability to ask yourself are these my own feelings or am I picking up emotions from someone else is difficult but super important to maintaining an emotionally balanced life. Obviously every situation is different but I've begun to talk openly about being an Empath and EQ to my fiancée, co-workers and close friends. I'm able to grab their attention with the hope and intent that they take what I'm saying at arms length and maybe apply it to their own life. I'm seeing results already with my fiancée (also an Empath) in that he's recognizing when he's frustrated and will start to ask himself why's he's frustrated as well as talk openly with me about what's going on, on a more consistent basis. It's helped our relationship in a lot of ways. We're closer and stronger than ever.

Because of these results, I've begun to consider a Youtube channel to help spread the message about EQ. I want people to feel safe to talk about their emotions in a place without judgement. We're all in this together and if we don't start picking up our fellow human, we'll end up worse off than we are now.

My concern is that Youtube isn't the best option. I've also thought about a Podcast or a closed forum for people to join. Maybe a mixture of a few of those options.

Any thoughts or feedback on this?

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Pretty pumped about this. Wish I could be there.
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