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With St. Patty's Day coming up, should I surprise the office with three-leaf clover pie charts or all-green manila folders?

While most of the office is indulging in Taco Tuesday, I'm having my own little celebration of Tuna Turnover Tuesday!

Drats! I just wrote 2014 on another quarterly report flowchart! I guess I'll just have to...make another.....ohhhhh more flowchart.....mmmmm

Hanging out with your best bud makes a typical work day that much better!!!

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Scene, my mom, and Aunt Beverly. All my favorite ladies in one room!!!

Work productivity has been up 78% this quarter with mandatory flowcharts with every report. I'm so proud of my staff!!!

Brought some of Aunt Beverly's world famous spam casserole to work today! I think people are intimidated by its deliciousness because no one's taken a bite!

Had a great date with Scene on Friday! Well, except we saw Annabelle, which apparently was NOT the live action version of Annabelle's Wish. I've already thrown out all the dolls in my house.

Only one more day until a night out to the movies with my gal, Scene! What movie should we see?

There's something about the texture of Cumulus clouds that just makes me feel so warm inside!
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