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Julie Ann Racino
Freelance writer, public policy researcher, public administration and community services
Freelance writer, public policy researcher, public administration and community services

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National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) has retained a leadership in the federal government since the 1970s in research and dissemination in the US of advances relevant to good quality life for all citizens, including children and families. NIMH partners with stakeholders in the US and world, and its 5 year research priorities are posted on its website.
Julie Ann Racino, Author of Public Administration and Disability: Community Services Administration in the US (Racino, 2014) at

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News media reporting on the USA budget as US Congress reviews Donald J. Trump's (Executive Office) submission, which was "of course" approved first with the department heads (submit a 10-20% cutback plan to me by Friday).

Now, the federal government may not believe that they should pay for afterschool programs through US Department of Education, or they may believe that the advocates will assuredly restore the cuts in the US Congress.

The Neighborhood Center and Ys are often beneficiaries of numerous funds, 27 sources reported for one main building in a small city (also today with "unknown behavioral and psychiatry") and "rotating population-based demonstrations".

US Education serves not only local schools, but what is termed higher education, and that means all the degree programs and the programs that are involved in the massive debt load carried by students who are now living at home into adulthood, sometimes without jobs. NYS Governor to the rescue with no cost to you higher education.

Good luck to all of us because usually instead of a review, the taxpayer in the end gets a property increase due to federal or state budget cuts to local schools! See, blogspot/Community and Policy Studies

Julie Ann Racino June 2017

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In honor of the American Society for Public Administration, International Chapter, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), host nation (Belgium) and new headquarters being turned over to NATO May 2017.

NATO represents part of the US Defense Budget together with 28 (now 29) nation-states that compact for security, particularly in Europe affecting the security of the North Atlantic continent (US and Canada).

The trip is a significant aspect of President Donald Trump's international presence on the world stage.

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A Word on Inclusive Education in the 21st Century by Julie Ann Racino   May 2017     In 2014, special education published a new two volume text ( The SAGE Handbook of Special Education , by Florian) with inclusive education in nation-states (e.g., China, In...

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Meeting with South Korean Public Administration Institute in Atlanta, Georgia in March 2017. Election term was to end in 2018 in conjunction with economic transitions.

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American Society for Public Administration: Annual Conference 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia
The 2017 Annual American Society for Public Administration Conference,   Saluting the Public Service , was held in Atlanta,Georgia at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel Conference Center from March 17-22, 2017. The Welcome Letter was from Nathan Deal, Governor of ...

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Presented as success of Asian Americans in the US at the top leadership positions, leading our core United Way and Peace Corps programs throughout the world as the base for the Secretary appointments.

US Labor Work forces "involved" all fields from manufacturing and industries (e.g., defense in now as drones in hearing) to all the US professions (e.g., US Direct Support Work forces, public health and medical) "to" globally.

Now to the US Secretary of Transportation as a major sector of the US economy, US safety and security, "universal access", and US "construction" and transportation(e.g., requiring detailed "content" for modernization) industries.

Julie Ann Racino 2017

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In 10 Day Comment Period for Formal Record. Individuals with Disabilities Act and federal laws. No Child Left Behind. Vouchers to Private Schools for Children with Disabilities. Support of Low Income at 8 out of 10 Detroit Children in Poverty. National Science Institutes in US Education under Purview (no Inquiries). Rehabilitation in Education (no Inquiries). Public Education and Privatization in America. $1.3 Trillion in Student Debt.  Julie Ann Racino  January 2017

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Housing and Urban Development is an excellent department with an exceptional public history of community and economic development, research and scientifically-based, and value-based leadership initiatives.

What else might we wish to know about HUD? For example, its role in the new public safety and homeland security, its relationship with other departments such as commerce, banking implications of changes in "Fannie Mae", and its roles with "targeted populations" in the US, among others.

Best of luck to Ben Carson in his nomination to a department whose leadership did move to smoke-free housing and campuses, and thus are likely involved with sexual violence on campus groups in the US. Thank you Senator Elizabeth Warren.
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