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Amy Gunther
A small girl in a big world, chasing dreams.
A small girl in a big world, chasing dreams.

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5 Years
5 years ago today I met you. 5 years ago today I could have sworn that you were the love of my life. I knew from the moment that I saw you that I would love you. Your walls were built so high for everyone else but little by little I knocked down those brick...

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The world is too much for me today Yes, it’s all too much, Why does it work the way that it does? Why does it turn in such a complicated way? Am I wasting my life working for you? The world is too much for me today Yes, it's all too much, Processing thought...

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Against the Grain
We all dream of happiness. That time when we win the lottery, when we no longer have to work 9-5 Monday - Friday. When we can lay on the beach drinking cocktails from coconuts and dipping in the sea when we are too hot. What if we don't need to wait, what i...

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10 Things I learnt through 26.2 miles..
I did it. I completed the Virgin London Marathon 2015 and I have the medal to prove it. In all honesty, in the moments straight after crossing the finish line and having my medal placed around my neck - I wondered if the pain and struggle I had felt were wo...

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26.2 Reasons I am running the Virgin London Marathon 2015...
Every year 1000's of people cross the finish line on the Mall after running/jogging/walking 26.2 miles of the streets of London.. Every year I feel inspired by these people who put mind, body and spirit into completing this challenge. This is the year I fin...

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Moments. Do we use them or lose them?
Waiting. Wishing. Dreaming.  We are constantly wishing our lives away, waiting for a time to come when we will be happy. Monday comes and we feel rubbish, we wish the week away so that we can enjoy our weekends, we wish the months away so that we can go on ...

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Cancun. Mexico. 2015.

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Everyone falls in love, everyday of every week we fall in love. We fall in love with people, food, clothes and the world. We can fall in love with life. Love is a wonderful thing and without it in the world I don't believe we would find happiness. But what ...

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We are One
Today I walked past a homeless guy on Oxford Street.   Today I realised that we are all in this together.  Today I decided to try and inspire you to help.  I walked past a guy on the street with a sign that clearly said he was an ex-serviceman. Putting this...
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