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I vowed to work on my blog this year since it's been 3 years since my last post. Maybe this is the nudge I needed.  Thanks, Bethany.

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I would put them under my car seats so the air will bounce back to pleasant after having my dogs in the car.

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Kasey Potts, from the blog Kasey's Kitchen, offers giveaways on her site, but does not follow through to see that the prizing is fulfilled.  Her friend, Naomi Terceira, an Independent Pampered Chef consultant, was supposed to provide the prize, but at her expense, according to The Pampered Chef corporate office.

I won this on July 9, and still have no prize as of September 20, 2013.

What is the point of doing a "Giveaway"?  I thought you would do those things to bring followers to your blog, customers to your business.  These women have only inspired ill feelings toward them and the Pampered Chef company as a whole.  

While it is probably a waste of my time, I will be filing a consumer complaint with the state of California and the state of Massachusetts.
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