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Please sign and then call/email/tweet your representative! I have the pleasure of being represented by a congressman who opposes SOPA, and a I've still contacted him a few times...
4840 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, District of Columbia

Hey OK St., u mad bro?
Tysons Corner, Virginia

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So, so, SO excellent!!!

Whaaaaaaaaat Sonic the Hedgehog episodes from '93 on Netflix? Heck yes.

Very sad to share with all of you the passing of a close Prugh-family friend, Richard Steinmetz. What an inspiring guy to live with terminal cancer for five years, repeatedly proving each prognosis wrong! I'm hoping I grow up to be just as damned stubborn and enjoy life to its fullest to the very end.

Staying in bed until this whole 32-degrees-outside situation improves.
Tysons Corner, Virginia

Yep, that's snow...
Tysons Corner, Virginia

Microwaved supermarket cider + shot of Hennessy + sharp knives/pumpkins = It's fall, y'all.
Tysons Corner, Virginia

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Every time I read something about Siri, I think about how I have been accidentally hitting the button to dictate text messages for over a year now...

Might be time to go grocery shopping. For a late-night snack, we resorted to mozzarella nachos last night...
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