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The Citadel Cafe
A podcast about sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture.
A podcast about sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture.

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Time To Consolidate
Follow me at +Joel Duggan to catch everything I'm doing.

It's been over a year since I posted here. The simple truth of it is there are just too many social media "pages" to manage. I do post as often as I can to Google+, but I do so under my own account +Joel Duggan

Add me to your circles and you'll be sure to catch updates on TheCitadelCafe, Comics Coast to Coast, Starcrossed and lots more.

Thanks and sorry for the radio silence.

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I had a lot of fun with the episode art from +The Citadel Cafe during our Winter is Coming 3 series for season 3 of Game of Thrones earlier this year. With the recent addition of The Citadel Cafe to YouTube, I've decided to update the episode art each week.
The Citadel Cafe Episode Art
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The Citadel Cafe Episode 40!
Talkin' Hal-con 2012, Disney/Lucasfilm, and much more! We are live now over on Come by and join in the fun!

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Episode 39: iBeard
Joel and Paton are joined by guest John Beck of Negative Cutters to chat Apple stuff, The Walking Dead, video games and much much much more.

Be sure to subscribe in iTunes to get the latest episode.

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Episode 38: I Am Monsters U
Joel and Paton are your dynamic duo of art, animation and new media this week with picks, clicks and conversation spanning the lot. Pencils, podcasts and air brushed abs await!

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Episode 37: My Kingdom Of Heaven For A Bowl Of Oatmeal
It has been an animated superhero week for +Joel Duggan. New music picks from +Chad Merlin and +Paton Francis not to mention, Comic Dorks, quadrocopters and much, much more.

Listen live Wednesday nights at 7:30PM EDT.

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Episode 36: Warcrusher! In 3D
+Ryan Murphy from +The Gamers' Inn podcast joins us to bring a little video game talk to the show. Both Ryan and Joel are excited to get their paws dirty as Pandaren Monks in the World of Warcraft, Mists Of Pandaria expansion. Paton has been watching movie magic behind the scenes on Faceoff and everyone geeks out over the new light-based 3D printer from Formlabs.

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Episode 035: Agent Coulson; Sex Panther
The latest show is out! Tech talk continues with the launch of iOS6 for iPhone and iPad. +Paton Francis has been taking in documentaries and other goodies at the Atlantic Film Festival, +Joel Duggan butchers a presentation on the legal reality of producing fan art and +Chad Merlin brings hope to the dangerous business of walking out your front door with some movie picks coming soon to a theatre near you.

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Episode 33 "42 Pounds Of Cheese"
The latest episode of The Citadel Cafe is out! +Joel Duggan announces the launch of his new book and shares a new podcast about creator published works, +Paton Francis grosses everyone out with real life cosplay Bert and Ernie and +Chad Merlin shares one of his favorite documentaries on the American Civil War.

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New Episode is Up!
And just like that a new episode is born. Lots of fun stuff this week from the Mists of Pandaria Cinematic trailer to a five-hunderd pound Darth Vader cake. Dig in!
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