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R.I.P Max
Prayers to your loved ones. xxx

You are truly missed but your light will go shining forever in our hearts
You were the one who opened my mind an take notice to all this upside down corrupt world...
Thank You Max
peace brother xxx

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More from Karl...
Cant get enuff he is so funny man...

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Share please...
Thankyou <3 
Illuminati, Reptilians & The Manipulation of Reality - David Icke

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These fukkas are out of time and there "Use by Date" is up...
HEY!!! There is someone telling the truth for a change the bloody murdering barstard!

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Think you're a good racer? Ready to defy gravity with breathtaking, dynamic high-speed stunts? Try Asphalt Nitro!

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I just came in 97 place in the leaderboard in the special Blink Competition time-limited event and won a unique prize! Check it out!

Lmfao 97 palm to head...

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Please Share this Video 100% proof of how we are controlled by our Banks/Governments... Its all about the Money! 
Well explained talk on how we give away some of our power... 
Just wish everyone watched this...
Things would change...

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All Americans are owned an put on the stock exchange...
Don't believe me...? 
Its stated in Law...

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