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SPRING is here and plants are beginning to bud out. It’s a good time to take a look at your landscape and see if you have problem areas that need to be resolved:
* Does your yard have the curb appeal you want?
* Need a landscape upgrade or maybe your yard just needs a spruce-up?
* Does your landscape look tired, cluttered, or untidy after the winter season?
* Do you have overgrown shrubs blocking windows, doors, walks, or driveways?
* Do you want to add some interest or variety to your existing landscape?
Let us know how we can help - call us at 772-4722 today for a free estimate.


How do I decide what plants to use if nurseries are closed or have very few plants?

First, decide what the problems are in your yard, and then ask yourself what plant FEATURES would best resolve those problems.

For example, say you have a Holly that has become too big and leggy in a location where it obstructs the view from a window.

You like that the Holly is evergreen but you want something a bit smaller. You decide you want an evergreen shrub and you’d like it to be no larger than 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. You know the existing Holly is leggy with sparse foliage because it gets too much shade. The new plant will need to be shade tolerant. You want the new plant to have some kind of features that would give a splash of color since everything else in the bed is just green.

You have decided for this location that you need a plant with:
• Evergreen foliage
• A mature size of 4 to 8 feet high and 4 to 6 feet wide
• Shade tolerance
• Flowers, berries, or other colorful feature.

Do this with each problem area. When you’re done, you’ll have a plan for upgrading your entire yard that you can take to your favorite nursery to select the right plants for the job.

If you need help with design and installation, contact us on our Website or call us at 772-4722 for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Seeing where winter weather has damaged retaining walls. If you need an estimate for retaining wall repair, contact us by phone or email us through our Website.

Is your yard just brown and blah? Are you happy with your landscaping now that it's FALL? Want to add some elements with landscape interest?

The fall season is a really good time to take a look at your landscaping and assess if and where you might need some new plants or just a good clean-up.

Sometimes removing just one or two overgrown shrubs can help with overcrowding and keep plantings in proportion to your home.

Or, you may just need trimming/pruning/shaping of overgrown plants to keep them from overwhelming you and your home.

If it's landscape interest you need, consider adding new plants like:
* Trees, shrubs, or perennials with brilliant fall color, especially if all or most of your plants are evergreens.
* Plants with interesting foliage (variegated foliage or evergreen foliage that changes color with colder temps).
* Plants with seedheads that will attract birds to your yard. (Don't forget feathered visitors need water, too, during the fall/winter season).
*Winter annuals such as ornamental kale and pansies that will lend some color during colder months.
* Specimen plants - used sparingly -  with features that set them apart from the more common landscape plants in your yard.

If we can help you with your landscape design, installation, or maintenance this fall/winter season, call us at 772-4722 or contact us through our website.

Fall is just 2 weeks away! Call now to schedule fall projects:

Summer weather has really kicked in and - even though many routine landscape tasks have already been done by this time of year - it's still a good time to:
 * Install (or add onto existing) decks or paver patios
 * Install paver walks or driveways
 * Install outdoor fireplaces or firepits
 * Resolve drainage/erosion issues
 * Repair existing outdoor masonry
If we can be of help with your landscape needs, call us for a free estimate.

Water pooling near your foundation? Can't get grass to grow because of erosion? Soil or mulch washing away? We can help. Ground Up has over 30 years of experience providing drainage/erosion solutions. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Have recent high winds brought down limbs in your yard? We haul downed limbs and trees.

MASONRY REPAIR: We offer masonry repair of any stone masonry or dry stacked stone. This includes: brick or stone porches and steps, retaining or free-standing walls, and paver walkways or driveways. Call us at 772-4722 for a FREE estimate.

Would you like a better-looking yard this season? SPRING is almost here. Call us at 772-4722 or contact us on our website for your FREE ESTIMATE today on spring clean-up, landscape design and installation, sod installation, mulching, and more.
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