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Thundercats is coming to Netflix this month. I thought I'd post something since we haven't had anything to use for fodder in a while. This picture isn't mine but it is the internet so I thought it would fit here.

Otherwise I think we should go with a Thundercats theme for old times sake.

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+Daniel Swensen I am surprised no one went down this path already.



Has anyone got a Moto 360 2nd gen yet? I was curious to hear if the watch face was on full time or not?  I know it has the upgraded processor and better battery life but still has the LCD screen like the original. But the original LG G Watch also has a LCD screen and its watch face is on full time. 
I'm not sure if the new Moto360 is still preorder only or not. I'm asking because my wife wears a Moto while I have my Gear Live and a G Watch.

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So my wife is wearing a Moto 360 after trying out the GearFit as her Pebble replacement and her's seems to have an odd quirk that I want to ask the other Moto360 owners. I own a Samsung Gear Live and mine doesn't do this.
The face doesn't stay live full time. It turns on whenever it detects movement. This seems to be a battery saving measure and isn't bothering her at all. She has adjusted to this but I wanted to know if this is normal for the 360 or if it's a setting on the Moto360.
Ambient is off. She is currently using one of the base faces but was initially using a face from Wear Face Collection. We are seeing battery life of just under 13 hours but I'm chalking that up to a battery that isn't fully conditioned yet.
So is there a way to have the face on full time or will that fully kill the battery life?
It is running 5.02.  

So I had my live births in a tank last night which is unusual considering how long I've had fish tanks. I bought four cherry barbs about a month ago for a 50 gallon just to add color. This morning one of them ended up on the filter and one one was on the bottom of the tank acting very slow. Well next to the one acting very slow was a small live barb and I noticed inside my large castle appears to be several more. At this point I think the one that is acting slow is the mother and she's just worn out. Again I've never dealt with fish breeding. 
My issue is that I have a rather large, and old, angel fish that my kids lovingly call Dark Fish Lord in there as well. That I need to get out of there because I know he would love these guys as a snack. Unfortunately I can't find a net big enough right now so they have to live enough until A) I find a net large to move a 6" Angel Fish or B) I run to the store and grab one.
This is rather weird.
edit - ok Angel moved to 35 gallon. He won't be happy but the chance of survival for the little guys are better. Now I should go get a breeder tank to separate those guys.

So I am trying to find a smartwatch for my wife. The options for women are very limited. She's been wearing smartwatches for as long as I have. Right now she is wearing a Pebble but its just a hair too large with the square face. I am looking at moving her to a Gear Fit (I know its Tizen and not Android Wear) but its not really that small either. So i'm going to throw this out to the community. 
Android Wear or non Android Wear what watches are good for smaller female wrists right now?
We have some odd smartwatches in my home. Besides my Gear Live and her Pebble. My son uses a Meta Strata. I have a Sony Smartwatch 1 and 2. The Sony would fit the bill except that it is very tall and just plain ugly. Not to mention very old these days.
So I look forward to hearing some options.

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From Twitter I give you some of the greatest Captioneers material ever. 

The new Fantastic 4 reboot of Galactus didn't go over as well with critics as expected.

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So I've been following the Smart Glasses since Google announced Glass and I'm in the market but the price and battery life of Google Glass isn't where I want it yet. Plus it seems like a first gen product compared to the other product. So if I was going to do a  run down of what's currently on the market it would look like this.

Google Glasses - $1600 new but also available used in various places
Recon Jet - $600 currently out of stock on Amazon
Vuvix M-100 - $1000
Epson BT-200 $700 from Amazon

Of these the Google Glasses have the best support but the battery life is lacking and the price is the highest. The used market is hot though. I'm not sure how Google treats them though. I'm seeing 1 and 2 GB's going for $800 now used.

The Recon Jet looks good but this is a specialized device.

The Vuzix M-100 is interesting but I still can't get over the whole "You'll poke your eye out kid" feeling with it plus the price is enterprise level still.  I know you can fit it to a pair of safety glasses but they never show it that way.

Then there is the Epson which is getting good reviews but you can't walk around wearing them or I can't imagine you could.

I am very much looking to buy and use a pair of smart glasses daily. I wear a smart watch and have for almost ten years. I started with a MSN Spot watch. So I am looking forward to hearing about what you have found owning these devices or if there is something I missed that is on the market.

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Here is the difference three years makes. On the left is my Samsung Gear Live and on the right my Sony Smartwatch 1. The first from 2014 and the second from 2011.  I'd almost like to have added the Pebble in there to show late 2012/early 2013 as well.
I haven't worn the Sony in some time since it had some serious issues with Bluetooth connectivity. After charging it up today it connected without issue and allowed me to do a good side by side comparison with the most modern of today's smartwatches. 
I've been pointing out that the Sony is the best way to get your feet wet with smartwatches for awhile. Since you could get one on Amazon new for $80 or used one on Swappa for $40-$50. That was until the used Pebble's showed up on Swappa used.
Well after wearing the Sony again I have to say I am impressed by a few things. One is that it is very lightweight. Which shouldn't come as a surprise given that it only has a battery one third the size of the one in the mammoth Samsung's but one that lasts more then twice as long.  The height of the Sony will still throw you off because of it's clip setup but it pays off due to the charger method as well as how it handles wrist bands. With multiple adapters you could change the look of the Sony every day. This helps it's fashion accessory feel. Something the newest Smartwatch 3 can't even do. You attach any 22mm watch band to a metal plate and then clip this the smart watch face. It's very simple.
Next up is the screen which feels downright tiny compared to the Gear Live's but it should. The Gear Live is over done where the Sony's is more of a unisex design. The Gear Live is more in line with today's large man's watches. Where the Sony is more inline with something that would be acceptable on the wrist of a smaller population. The quality of the OLED screen on the Smartwatch 1 isn't nearly as bright and dramatic as the Gear Lives but it is usable and easy on the eyes. Both wash out in sunlight though. An issue neither watch was able to address.
Usability is kind of a toss up. Sony's UI and apps are very well done. Answering a call, checking notifications and basic usages of the watch are easily done. In fact they are easier to do the on the Sony SW1 than on the Gear Live. The bigger thing is that the apps are better on the Sony then on the Samsung. Where you need to go through a series of steps on the Samsung to get to the apps on the Sony you are always one tap away.
So the biggest problem with the Sony is the fact that the time isn't displayed full time. A couple of the watch faces address this with movement setting it off. I'm going to check this with other newer faces as well. Still I am going to stand by the fact that Google's non-fragmented Android Live world suffers over the fragmented world in the app department. This is only temporary though. The Android Wear apps are growing by the day and will catch up to the list that Sony and Samsung has.
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So I've had my Galaxy Gear for a week and I had even started the RMA process with Amazon over the battery life before I figured out what the real problem was.
I was using this face you see in the picture below. So I do get a lot of notifications plus I was using the Tune In app for a full 8 to 9 hours a day on my ten hour shift. My battery was lasting under twelve hours. After owning my Pebble I decided I wasn't going to babysit a watch with this kind of battery life. After 11 hours I was down to 7%. Thirty minutes later I was down to 2%.
The next day I switched to one called "Wear Collection" face and all of a sudden something very odd happen. I used the watch exactly the same. I checked my pulse the same number of times. I ran tune in for the full day. Received a similar number of notifications and after 11hours I had 40% battery left.  By hour 14 I was still at 24%.
So word of warning to all the other Android Live users. Just do some testing with various faces out there. It greatly affects your battery life  I'm guessing my Gear's issue was with all that blue in the middle of the face there.
Of course with with the LG G Watch you have a larger battery but you also have the LCD face. So we have a different issue with our AMOLED displays. We want watch faces that are mostly black because that uses less power. For the LG users it doesn't matter.
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