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Incorsa Cup 2018
Incorsa Cup 2018
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I've reached level 13 as an #Ingress agent.
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No i moja wersja...
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Today is 2 years of Ingress for me and it’s nice day to move on.

I spent last month with re-thinking of several things. Ive got 5 different TL;DR versions of this post with different highlights but this post is 6th one, the shorterst one and here you can find some mixture of all of them.

”Или ты или я, уж такая игра
Или свет или звук, или звук или яд
Поднимите им веки пусть видят они
Как бывает, когда слишком много в крови
Пикник - “Серебра”

It was nice to meet different people (greate and not) in various countries/places. It was nice to play this game for these years.

It isnt only AR-game but more as reality based or RL-game for me at the moment. Ive experienced a lot and discover a lot of new things during playing.

I prefer to play every aspect of Ingress: locally for AP and medals, exploring new places, submit portals, organize communities, organize and take part in BAFs OPs an so on. You can see that I did it while looking at my Ingress and G+ profiles. I usually prefer to have all or nothing. Now Im not happy. I dont want to be a product without perfect service from creators side and Im adult enought for exploring and seeing on my own. 

Im also not happy with social part of Niantic activities. As we can see Hanke said in his last interview that they didnt expect such level of socializing. I can suppose that social things is terra incognita for googlers. But guys, just hire professionals in psychology, games psychology, crowd control and management and so on. It’s so easy that even I successfully used several crowd management technologies in Ingress.
Ingress is not just a tech thing or “adventure on foots”. You’ve got strong community it’s easy to hear it, use it, even control it and manage it...
I can understand some things from business point of view but cant accept it from player point of view.

So it’s time to step back cause I cant accept Ingress ToS and play Ingress at my sole risk without any liability from Google side. Main issues are connected with current in-game situation with spoofers/bots and double standards from Niantic stuff side. 
[If someting will change may be I will come back. But when I see Nia activities and decisions I dont think so )) ]

#28 and “all plats agent” say good bye. May be see you somewhere and someday.
#AlwaysBeSeeing #AlwaysBeExploring

But nevertheless Minsk bots problem is a main issue for me now cause I cant play locally as I want to.

Bad part of this bots story that its me who was at the beginning. I didnt write a single line of code cause Im not tech guy. But Im good in connecting people and org things. So at some critical point in the February’2013 I made several org decisions. 

It was fun at the beginning as something new, then it looked like push for Nia to solve spoofers problem, then it was bad cause Nia were not able or didnt want to solve it. So now we’ve got that we’ve got. And I cant control situation. Sometimes your childs transform into creatures you cant control, especially if you deal with people. It’s real life…I prefer to learn from others mistakes but in this case I learned on my own one. But I can consider it even as positive experience from some point of view.

FYI but I suppose this info will change really nothing. 
Now there are at least 2 guys [may be more cause I left community many months ago] in Belarus who run bots. +Valery Ciareszka  (Res L15 @bugfixXxer former banned @sukaslayer) who stays behind +Otov Dohued  account and developed console bots (so called #Minsk #bots). He is main responsible person for all bots actions in our region and some actions in other regions (XM disappearing in several big cities during summer 2013, some dick Field Arts and so on). And +Max yacek  (Res L16 @yacek) who run same bots at least to farm and sell in-game items on eBay.

As I see now Nia can do nothing with bots and solution lies in criminal laws violation. Does anybody want to violate some real laws in Minsk? ))

I can suppose that some chat’s logs will appear in public soon. So Im ready to discuss, expand or clear it if needed. Cause there are several more guys in it and I can explain who they are IRL and in Ingress.

Anyway Ive still got several more concepts to proof. In-game and IRL.

My US laWyer said that Im crazy guy with crazy objectives. But Im one of that #crazyrussian and to do a crAzy things IRL is usual for me. And they also said that several of my objectives look like reachable. So why not to tRy? )) [Some of you know what am I talking about.]

”Ты проживаешь чью-то жизнь,
Ты взял чужие имена,
А раньше просто был инкогнито.

И соответствий прочих нет,
Тебе плевать на этот свет,
Ведь от него так много бед.

А за спиною чья-та тень,
Пытается тебя спугнуть,
Но не страшись ее ничуть.

Ты отряхнешь ее с плеча,
Хоть цепь объятий горяча,
Она потухнет, как свеча.”
Пикник - “Инкогнито”

”Летел, горел, был высоко -
Летел, горел... Перетекает,
Завтра это так далеко,
Что кто его знает - завтра это, о-о-о-о...”
АукцЫон - “Летел и таял”

PPS: My in-game stats is open now (you can control do I play or not ;)). I will collect several interesting for me links and will pin post with them during several next days.
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У мяне ўсё.
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If you want to defeat your enemy, you need to become your enemy.
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