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I created a list of all the awesome information that came out of the Breaking Development Conference in Nashville. If anyone has something I am missing please add it in the comments:

Jeremy Keith's Post Breaking Development Thoughts -

Luke Wroblewski's Notes on Select Talks

Day 1:
Breaking Dev: There Is No Mobile Web -
Breaking Dev: Pragmatic Responsive Design -
Breaking Dev: Breaking the Mobile Web -
Breaking Dev: Buttons are a Hack -
Breaking Dev: Faster Mobile Anyone? -
Breaking Dev: Mobile Apps Must Die -

Day 2:
Breaking Dev: Selling the Mobile Web -
Breaking Dev: Client-Side Adaptation -
Breaking Dev: The Cross-Channel Experience -
Breaking Dev: Responsible & Responsive -
Breaking Dev: Adaptation -
Breaking Dev: Casting Off Desktop Shackles -

Presenter Slides:

Day 1
Developing a Progressive Mobile Strategy - Dave Olsen -
There Is No Mobile Web - Jerem Keith -
Pragmatic Responsive Design - Stephanie Rieger -
Breaking the Mobile Web with HTML5 - Maximiliano Firtman -
Buttons Are a Hack! - Josh Clark -
Faster Mobile Anyone? - Steve Souders -
Why Mobile Apps Must Die - Scott Jenson -

Day 2
Selling The Mobile Web - Brad Frost & Jack Bishop -
Client-Side Adaptation - John Boxall -
The Cross-Channel Experience - Nick Fink -
Responsive & Responsible - Scott Jehl -
Designing Mobile Web Experiences - Luke Wroblewski -
Adaptation: Why responsive design actually begins on the server - Bryan & Stephanie Rieger -
Casting Off Our Desktop Shackles - Jason Grigsby -

Workshop Slides:

The Day After - Build a Beautiful Mobile App with Web Technology - James Pearce -
Building Native Mobile Apps with PhoneGap and HTML5 - Anis Kadri -

Other Important Info that came out during the conference:

RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components - Luke Wroblewski -
Of Sites and Apps - James Pearce -
Mobile Web Best Practices - Brad Frost & Jack Bishop -
Mobile HTML5 Compatibility Chart - Maximiliano Firtman -
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Great job rounding these up!
Thanks for the time and effort!
Thanks for gathering all of this into one place.
I just got home and was about to dig into compiling a list myself; thanks for your work!
This is fantastic! Thanks, James! Is there any sort of listserv or Google circle or other organizing tool for post-bdconf attendees to keep in touch/share projects/etc.?
I am not aware of one at this time, If I run across one I will definitely let you know. Most people simply use twitter with a hash tag of #bdconf
Great stuff! Thanks for putting it together!
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