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And youu Are.....
And youu Are.....


just got a 71mg update for my Nexus 6p, Says its to improve 4g. This could be the fix we've been waiting for

Looking for a quite place to sit for lunch in a busy shopping centre? Find a place that doesn't serve coffee 😉
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Yagans Memorial Park
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Gave telstra 4g another chance today on my 6P. Was in and out of a server room with poor reception and the phone dumped it's data connection and didn't recover. Cost me about an hour of connection before I noticed. That and about %30 battery drain from being on 2g or something.
Back to 3g for the rest of the day.

This was in West Perth around 8am today. So it's a full 4g area.

Just had the 4g connection issue with telstra on my nexus 6p.
I'm now the owner of a $1k 3g phone 📱

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got mine, now the setup begins
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Well my Nexus 6P is on its way to Perth as we speak. Left HK this morning so the email I got Monday night was a lie.

I got a your phone has shipped email from google, There using Toll Global express

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