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Plexus 7 day experience!
Who’s ready to start the journey? 7 days could be the beginning of something amazing! 7 days of Slim 7 days of support 7 days of information and inspiration 7 days that could change your life Plus prizes and exclusive offers!!!! Message me today for details...

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Why I started Plexus...
I know many of you have heard me talk about my recent venture with Plexus. And while yes it is MLM, it's not about the money. I have A few friends that have been using these products for quite some time, both of which have a few medical issues that the plex...

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Finally tipped it!
After a week of no change I have finally tipped the scale to the other side of 40 lbs. Today's weigh in was 236.8. Down 40.2 lbs! Not much else to report. Been kickin' it with my home Gym equipment. Finally got the basement open enough to have everything or...

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Cleansing and making a healthier me!
So I have a couple of good friends that have been using Plexus products and have signed up with the company. I'm giving it a whorl too! I've googled reviews and they are good.  They have seen great results. I'm excited to give it a try!

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2 Months Out!
January 14th officially marked 2 months since surgery. I am feeling great, and very motivated for changes to come. At 2 months I was officially down 38.2 lbs. I was hoping for 40 but hey I'll take it! I have been trying to be creative with food. I've had ca...

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8 Weeks Post Op!
And feeling pretty good overall. Was out of town for a while, and then there was the holidays.... Did some cooking, some baking, but for the most part I stayed away from all things fattening! YAY ME! As of today I am down 36 lbs since my pre-op appointment ...

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2 weeks post op!
Hello,  2 weeks post op at this point and I feel great! For some reason I have only lost about 2lbs since the 20th but that could be contributed to the super low amount of calories I am consuming....I am going to ride it out and see how it goes! I see the D...

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1 week Post Op
It's been one week since I was sleeved. And it has been an interesting journey. Pain has been very minimal. I stopped the pain pills around day 3 or 4. So far meals have consisted of protein shakes, diluted juices, and other clear liquids along water. It's ...

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I've been sleeved!
Yesterday I had my sleeve surgery. All went well. I did reach my goal of 269 as requested by my doctor. As a matter of fact my official weigh in was 268.4. Meals consist of 4 - 1ounce cups of fluids every hour for the next week and then I add in soft foods....

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Thank you!
Happy Veterans Day!!
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