It's been a while since I posted anything here but I'm getting in touch to let you know that I've just published a new ebook for the Digital Photography School (DPS) - The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography.

Here's how DPS describe the book:

"Some of the most profound stories in history have been told with black and white photos. Isn’t it time you started creating some of your own?

The way we capture and process black and white photos might have changed over time, but the emotion, the passion and drama your black and white photos can invoke, will always be at its heart.

The Essential Guide to Black And White Photography has been created specifically to help you bring the timeless art of black and white photography to the modern science within your camera.

Together they’ll help you take remarkable black and white photos.

In this comprehensive eBook you’ll not only learn how to ‘see’ in black and white, you also learn the best gear to use, the special skills and setup needed to shoot and how to process your black and white photos to perfection – this eBook has it all covered."

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to negotiate a discount with DPS, but if you buy the ebook soon you'll also get a free bonus ebook - 10 Recipes to Amazing Black And White Photography (worth $9.99) - and the chance to win $1000 USD in their free prize draw!

To find out more about both ebooks, including the full list of contents, click the link for all the details:
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