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One of my favourite shots from our recent Venice Carnival Photo Tour.
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brilliant! ...I just finished reading your Portraits tutorial (part 1) - nice to see that you gave Rhowan a break :)
Thanks Markus. Apart from noticing I gave Rhowan a break, did you enjoy the tutorial?
I have been obsessed with photography for slightly less than a year now and so of course have been looking for the most effective ways to absorb information and improve. Your tutorials are fantastic and have become my go-to source to improve my skills with PS. I am about half-way through the tutorials at the moment - have enjoyed them all.
That's good to hear. I'll be adding some new video tutorials over the next few months so I hope you enjoy those too.
I look forward to it. If you have considered an in depth tutorial re: the improved Refine Edge tools in CS5 (and how they can be used to refine a layer mask) that would be great...
I saw this earlier when you tweeted it. Great work as usual. Are you going to post a mini psd of it?
Dan: yes, this would be a good one for a Mini-PSD as the processing was subtle but there was quite a lot of work on her eyes. I'll post this one on Monday.
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