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I've just written a new blog post on some of the ways you can decide whether converting an image to black and white will produce a stronger image. 
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I tend to shoot for black and white rather than using it as an afterthought. The way I visualise the tones and image balance is very different if I start with monochrome in mind.
Craig: I often do the same, but at other times I'm undecided, so it's not an afterthought, more of a potential route to take.
Wrong word - sorry, I didn't mean it to sound negative. I meant as a post processing decision
No worries, and I think it should be meant negatively if the process isn't thought through. No postproduction works well when it's random :)
Nice read David, love the examples. Personally I prefer the colour version for the last image, it has a cross process type feel to it which I really like but as with everything that's only my opinion and everybody has one :)
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