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Blackpool's North Pier, shot yesterday morning.
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You make it look easy David but at least I have a bit more of an understanding now how these things come together thanks to your B+W course with Udemy. I'm about 57%(to be precise) of the way through, just getting time to get at it in the evenings. Brilliant stuff, have learnt so much more already. Thanks.
It's good to hear you're enjoying my Udemy course. Let me know what you think of it when you've got through all of it. Incidentally, you'd probably enjoy my online tutorials too (linked below). As a subscriber to my Udemy course I'd be happy to give you a discount. Let me know if you'd be interested.
Thanks David, I'd might be interested in subscribing for the year so let me know if the offer applies there and I'll definitely consider it. I'm not the sort to spend hundreds of pounds but if the content is right and the quality is like your other work then I'd said it's money well spent.
Hi Nick, email me and we can sort something out:
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