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Jeffrey Powers
Geek, Podcast Coach, Speaker, V-Caster, Google Glass Owner and Drummer
Geek, Podcast Coach, Speaker, V-Caster, Google Glass Owner and Drummer

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Mardi Gras Podcasts

Post only episodes of podcasts that are Mardi Gras specific content. I am looking for a cool Tuesday playlist that educates me on the event.

This is not a chance to promote your podcast. It's a chance to find some good content about this upcoming holiday. 

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.@revivermx Brings Digital #License Plates to #Cars with RPlate #auto #podcast #geekout

As we move to the next generation of automobile, you have to ask – what about the license plate? It hasn’t really changed over the years. When does it go digital? Well, now. Reviver is a company working to get the digital license plate to your car soon.…

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Bob Heil Celebrates 50 Years, Talks the New @Heilsound PR-781 Dynamic Microphone #NAMM #podcast #geekout #interview

While at NAMM, I caught up with Bob Heil of Heil Sound to talk about new microphones. They were showing off the newest version of the Heil PR-781. They are also celebrating 50 years at Heil Sound and they are excited with the next 50 years. Of course,…

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Like trivia? I'm running a Geek Trivia of the Week on Facebook for the next few weeks. Give it a try!

Sunday Funday Challenge I challenge you to say the phrase below during whatever podcast you do this week. When you do, comment below with your URL. Don't tell the audience why you said it, but feel free to link to the post with the phrase in your show notes.

"Where are all the Watermelons?"

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New features for Podcasts? I hope these features start bringing podcasting into the 2010's at least. iTunes is seriously behind on how it could help along podcasts.

QOTD - Tips for Updating Old Podcasts I am in the middle of re-encoding my older episodes. For some of them, I am taking out sponsor information. The reason why is they still are being consumed, but I want the files to download quicker.

Have you ever done any re-encoding of your audio or video podcast, and if so, what tips do you have for others? 

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The @NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5 Review and How to Create a Video Title #podcast #howto #geekout

Since I use Wirecast and Vegas 14, I needed a good program to create titles and lower 3rds for my videos. Two years ago I was introduced to NewBlueFX and Titler Pro software. This has completely changed how I have created content online. I’ve been using…

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You Power You should check out this article. It states if someone hears the word "You" in the first 5 seconds, the view time increases. I would guess that is across the board, so in #Podcasting your words could get you more engagement.

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.@IOGEAR_official GTD733 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Docking Station #ces #geekout

Making a more versitile computer can mean creating a workstation so you have monitors to view projects, places to put mice and keyboards, and more. Docking your laptop to a device like the IOGear GTD733 also gives you more functionality through the…
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