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Oh boy. Tickets to the Madoka premiere in Chicago went on sale. 
So that's happening.

Having Xdebug enabled on a server takes a ~3 minute symfony build time up to about ~11 minutes.

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Oh my god. When did Jenkins get this Error page logo?

I'm starting to think it might actually be easier to just re-write the entire Symfony Form Component.

Okay... So Symfony2's Form constraints are absolutely horrifying.
There's some really bad code in that.

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This is what happens when you've got some free time and a work from home Nerd on your team.
Pure Excellence.

Using a spreadsheet for task tracking is about equivalent to writing it on the back of your hand.

I've had to resort to falling back to using emails as my primary method of communication since Google Hangouts are so unreliable. It's a shame.
C'mon Google. I know you can do better.

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This Thursday the Minnesota PHP User Group is hosting a full length tech talk where I can blabber on about my love for Dependency Injection, Profilers, and Event Dispatchers for a good hour. Yes, you've stumbled into a blog post of shameless self promotion for me and the one true framework. :)

But seriously, This talk will be a overview into the internals of the framework. I'm intending for it to be useful for both beginners and experienced users of the framework. 
I'm a strong believer that you should know a little about how something works before you learn how to use it, so we'll be discussing the framework environment that your application will live in more than actual code implementation. Hopefully this will alleviate some frustration that newer users have and give some context to how things really work for the more experienced crowd. So be sure to check it out!

This is a GREAT place to ask questions like:
* How does this thing work?
* Why does this do that?
* I don't understand this part
* What role do Factory classes play in Symfony2?
* What's Dependency Injection?
* Who's Fabien Potencier and why is he so awesome?

# Where?
The Nerdery
9555 James Ave S
Bloomington, MN

# When?
THIS Thursday @ 7:00pm
There will be pizza before hand
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