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Great discussion. +Craig Kanalley, you should know how to get people talking! (Or rather, you have a lot of people in your circles, which is how Google+ gets fun!)
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Catching up on news from the last few weeks...
Apparently, Google+ is dead and/or in big trouble.
GigaOm &
ZDNet Forbes

That's funny, because it seems very much alive to me.

Why all the negative commentary? In some ways, I think this is good for Google. Who doesn't like an underdog? We're hearing the criticism because people care. If Google+ wasn't a hot topic, folks would ignore it all together. Google can round up the most frequent complaints and rapidly iterate/respond, as they have been doing all along.

Besides, it's much too early to tell Google+'s fate, and I'm surprised people are trying to predict it. It sure has endless potential. Games are here now and Business pages to come. The building blocks are here: an outstanding infrastructure, thoughtful community and responsive staff. Not a bad start. Perfect time to keep experimenting and give it an honest chance.

What do you think?
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Thanks for sharing! Pleasant surprise to see all the comments on this one :) folks are passionate about it.
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