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You Need to Circle More People!

If you've signed up for Google+, but you don't really understand what it's all about, and you're probably not going to use it much any more since none of your friends are here...

You need to circle more people.

Once you circle 500-1000 active Google+ers, everything will change. You'll see how this place is really buzzing with activity, and you won't be able to resist jumping into the conversations. Then you'll get it.

So, here are some suggestions on how to get more great people into your circles.

1. Search Google+ for circles.

Click on the "Search Google+" box, and put in "Shared a circle with you". That'll display all the shared circles. Include a keyword to get even more specific results:

"shared a circle with you" pets
"shared a circle with you" photography

Import those circles.

2. Search regular Google for circles.

I've done a few tests, and regular Google search ( is actually more comprehensive for finding circles. Again, do the same queries:

"shared a circle with you" skiiing

Import more circles.

3. Search Google+ for people who match your interests.

Just do some searches on Google+ for topics that interest you. Then look through the recent posts for people talking about those subjects. Circle them.

4. Check out the Public Circles Database.

This is a comprehensive list of 1400+ circles shared by people in Google+. You can search and filter it for various topics that interest you.

Import some more circles.

At this point, you should have 500-1000 circles of active Google+ users. You streams should now be buzzing with activity. Next you'll want to actually engage and start making friends, but that's a whole other conversation.
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