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A Montano review that covers everything from "glows with a warm, low intensity" and "surprisingly delicate" to "just plain aggravating". Love it!

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The unfolding story of Massive Open Online Courses is getting interesting - disruption through #edtech  at its best. +Udacity has recently announced the availability of proctored exams for its CS101 offering (computer science and Python) for US $89.

That means that if you studied CS101 through, you can now sit down in a Pearson testing centre and walk out with something you can put in your CV (not that you couldn't put the achievement certificate in from Udacity, but it's a system that relies a little on honesty). 

I'm buzzing about this because I saw the blog post today and followed the link through to Pearson out of curiosity. I was wondering how far across the US Udacity had managed to get this out. So as it turns out, I can take this exam in Petone, near Wellington in New Zealand (and in 159 other countries). 20 minutes from my home. And I can take the exam on Monday morning if I want to. Yes, the proctored exam was announced on the 24th and is available on the 27th half way around the world. I realise that this is because Udacity are taking advantage of Pearson VUE's network but it's still impressive. 

If this isn't the future of online education then I don't know what it. And Udacity is doing Good: fantastic materials delivering high quality and much needed computer science/programming education to everyone for free.

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Enough said. have a Windows 8 app and it's absolutely stunning - they've outdone their iPad offering. This might be the key to reducing from iPad + computer down to just one device.

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Kasparov's opinion piece on this is a must read. On the police: "these are people smart enough to enter the only growth industry left in Putin's Russia"
If you haven't followed the Pussy Riot "trial" in Russia, I recommend you read Garry Kasparov's eye opening account of the state of freedom of expression under Putin.

There was shock, if no real surprise, at the verdict against Pussy Riot on Friday. Despite whispers of leniency, I never doubted that a conviction and prison term would result. Not because they violated anything in the Criminal Code, which, as of this writing, is still freely available on the Internet. No, Pussy Riot's actions were hateful toward religion only in breaking the First Commandment of today's Russia, "Thou shalt not take Putin's name in vain." ...

YouTube Translate Captions are so poetic:

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The new Microsoft Surface ad totally does it for me. The new iPad ad doesn't. I guess that's why it's targetted advertising.

Surface ad: Surface by Microsoft
iPad ad: Apple - The new iPad - TV Ad - Do It All

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