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Panic! At The Disco
Panic At the Disco is the best alternative band ever
Panic At the Disco is the best alternative band ever

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Im sorry to say that I am no longer a fan of Panic!.
After the last album i've lost all respect for the band.There are hardly any real instruments and now it just seems like the Brendon Urie show. 
I've refused to listen to any of their music because it's just not them anymore. They aren't panic!
It was a fun time while they were cool. But not anymore.
I'm sorry.

In 13 days I will be seeing panic! for the third time in concert, along with fall out boy for my first time. Super excited!

<3 get better soon, spencer.
We will miss you on tour!

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Panic!'s new song "This is Gospel".

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He ripped his jeans...

Panic! at the Disco is going on tour with Fall Out Boy!

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These vine videos... cant get enough. <3

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Wow. A music video with Brendon, Patrick stump, and lots of other singers in it. Im so happy.

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His nerdiness is overwhelming.
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