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Доломитовы Альпы в Италии - отличное место для любителей уединения. Правда, могут возникнуть сложности с доставкой пиццы.
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Энхэт Бялзуухай & Bohemain waxwing

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Это пляжная скульптура в Сиднее. Наверно, она должна намекать на важность крема от загара.

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разводы на
письмо номер 1( Great, i am okay with the condition of the merchandise and i am ready to purchase it. i am willing to pay $250 for the item and $100 for shipping fee through DHL to the USA. We would be glad if you would sell us this item as it is wanted for a scientific research. My
colleague who studied electronic engineering was given a project by a big company to investigate a category of electronics which has been exposed to various weather conditions at different parts of the world and to document the effect of different weather
conditions on the functionality of the device so that they can incorporate his findings into the next generation of devices to be produced. So he has been collecting various pieces from different parts of the world. is the only link we have to obtain products from
the Russian Federation because we have no friends or relatives in Russia at the moment.
We are aleady close to deadline, that is why we are paying extra for purchase and shipping. And dont worry, our budget is very large enough to cover the added costs. You should understand the rare case of purchase and why we seem desperate because it is VERY URGENT.
I am also interested if you have other items for sale.
We will pay you through PayPal. Please send your paypal email and your full name
so that i can send payment immediately. If you dont have a PayPal account, please create a
new account at, it is very easy and free.

письмо 2:(Юрий Николаевич <>)  I want to pay 12000 rub for the item and 4000 rub for the delivery abroad(UK) using EMS Express Mail International ( (88002005055),payment will be made with PayPal or Bank Account,which one do you prefer??
Awaiting Response

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А все уже пошутили про рождественскую елку в Париже?

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