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Why choose a professional land clearing service?

You may think that clearing an area of land is a fairly straight forward, do-it-yourself job but clearing can get complicated very quickly. First, even if it is only removing shrubs and weeds you have to keep as much topsoil as you can (if you wish to grow plants in the new space) while being very thorough in the weed removal process. The reason you must be so thorough is that many weeds have rhizomes, or subterranean stems, which will re-grow the weed unless dug out.

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Trees breathe and so do their roots. That is why when you over-water a tree it can drown. The roots close to the surface absorb the most air, which means practices that restrict air from reaching the roots can cause the tree harm. Excess mulching has this problem. Mulch is a good idea for many trees, but if there is too much then the roots will not be able to get the air they need. Still another issue is soil compaction, where the dirt has been too densely packed and the roots cannot get the air they need. To prevent this you may wish to till the soil around a tree if you think the soil has been compacted.

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Why not to pull out tree stumps?

Many people believe that they can remove the tree stump by connecting it to their truck and then just yanking it out. This can work but there are hazards which make it not recommended. First, most trees have extensive root systems so the only thing you will manage to do with your vehicle is break the chain or harm the truck. Let’s say you do get quite a bit of leverage and it starts to work. Do you know how far the roots go? Are the roots intertwined with other root systems? Or worse, are you sure that the roots are nowhere near any utility lines?

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Why do I need to remove my tree?

There can be any number of things that will make it necessary to remove a tree from your property. From disease, to storm damage, to simply growing too close to your house or to power lines, trees that are damaged or growing in the wrong place pose an extreme danger to both you and your property. If you suspect that a tree on your property is dangerous, contact Vondersaar's Tree Service and we will evaluate whether it needs to be trimmed or removed, and determine the safest way to remove it.

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Certified and licensed arborists, Vondersaar's Tree Service knows what needs to be done when it comes to trees.

Keeping your trees in perfect health is not always easy. If your tree isn’t looking its best and the problem is not one mentioned above then, Vondersaar's Tree Service can help you solve your tree problems, often with only one visit.

Besides tree health, Vondersaar's Tree Service can also help the tree owners of Plainfield, Danville, Avon, and surrounding areas with:
Tree Pruning
Trimming / Removal
Emergency Tree Removal
Stump Removal/Grinding
Land Clearing
Tree Cabling & Bracing
Lightning Protection

Call us anytime - we offer 24 Hours Service! (317) 745-5942
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