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The Einstein of Web Design

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Lifehacker: How to Set Up Your Own Completely Free VPN In the Cloud.

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She's got spirit!

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Awesome service
Just write <img src=""> and you have a place holder for whatever dimensions you wrote...

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Agreed, sounds suspicious to me

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IMAGE CAPTION : The next time I hear "use Bootstrap" as the answer to everything

It seems like every time there's a question regarding how to achieve something in front end, I hear "Use Bootstrap". This is commonly shortsighted advice offering a band-aid solution to a usually larger issue.

I highly suggest that developers starting out with frameworks get to know the pros and cons of these tools. They can be extremely useful, but they ARE NOT a "one size fits all solution".

Stop cutting corners and learn your craft. We'll all be better off for it in the future...

Suggested reading material to get you started on your quest for knowledge :

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Google contacts merge feature.  Finally something truly useful from Google, it's been a while since Google made a feature that improved something instead of making it less useable.

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Still one of the best in the business
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