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I Miss Everyone So Much! :'(

I Feel The Need To Say Hey Guys, I'm Not Dead!

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I Died In The Shooting Guys. How Sad. Don't Believe Me? Read And Comment On The Post.

Fun Fact: In S.E. Hinton's Book, That Was Then This Is Now, Ponyboy Causes An Ice Cream Shortage. 

I Don't Like Searching My Name On Tumblr Because I Always Run Into Smutty Fanfictions And Just... I'm Uncomfortable. 

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Wooo! This Is Way More Dramatic Than Funny.  It's Also A Little On The Shorter Side, Guys, So I Expect Comments ;)

There Shall Be A Pony Post Today. Be On The Look Out!

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My Best Friend Has Arrived Guys! May The Bromance Begin!

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If You Read This, You'll Hear About What Happened Between Tim And I! You'll Also Hear About The Rumble! So Read Up Kids!
P.S. Read The Author's Note. I Need Opinions! Thanks (:

Guess Who Finally Posted? A Very Handsome Man By The Name Of, Ponyboy Curtis. Check It Out!
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