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Here's what will happen to solar power during the eclipse
Basically, backup power will have to kick in, but it will cause a big strain on the grid.

Austin Energy seeks to boost value
Austin Energy is working toward 55 percent renewable energy by 2025. To do this, they're trying to come up with better energy storage options.

Redefining your power (
Solar saves you money, and it's sustainable. Move forward with the times!

Solar: the IKEA way
Would you buy solar panels from IKEA?

The culture of energy efficiency starts at school
Sustainable schools have saved 200,000 dollars in annual energy costs by using cost-saving methods.

Scotland overproduces wind energy
Scotland's wind turbines produced 1,039,001 MWh (megawatt-hours) of electricity, which was enough energy for 118% of Scottish households.

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