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Rodger Fetters

I am the newby here but do have something to say. My mos's that I had when I retired in 1974 was 67Z (aircraft maintenance) and 67W (Technical Inspector)

As long ago as ten years, I found out that the aircraft maintenance MOS have all been discontinued. If that is not true, I would like someone to set me straight.

If true, I think this is a grave mistake because the military nowadays seems bent on doing this or that by military contract. Hey, that is nice - our pilots now can rely on how well a civilian does their job. Here is what I fear - what if we find ourselves in a dire situation where we can not rely on these civilians? It is somewhat akin to spare parts. Americans in some instances is not the source for some critical parts - where do we get them? Any place other that here may surely mean we can not rely on getting parts at all.

I like the fact that someone took the time and effort to put this Google+ community up. God bless you all.

Rodger Fetters
SFC US Army Retired

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I have an aunt who lives in south central Nebraska that took up exploring all the barns that are not worth repairing. It is quite a hobby! This photo reminded me of her. Some say we should just let it go. Perhaps we should but in years to come these structures will just return to nature. Thank you for showing us a glimpse of where we were not so long ago and how fast we are discarding it. I am 81 now. Looking back at all I have seen new and is puzzlingly old almost overnight. I remember the advent of electricity on the farm and I was a senior in High School in 1953-54 and it was in the fall of 1953 when I first saw a TV. For most of you that are much younger, I think this is a great place to see how it used to be and how quickly it is gone. Thank you ever so much for doing this!

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This photo is from 2001

The temperature today (McAllen TX 8 miles to Mexico matched the temperature in Lexington, Nebraska.  I guess that is "global warming."
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