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My Fav Final Fantasy Intro
From Final Fantasy IV

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A Body That Feels Heavy
It could be the humid/ dreary weather or the fact I'm physically (and mentally) drained but my body felt very heavy during the vinyasa class today. When I was doing the handstand (against the wall, had to hold for a minute each time we went up), I felt like...

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Final Fantasy Accessories and Weapons (2)
Darkness!! Yes, another tweak! Quake + Dualcast turns out (to me) very underwhelming (ran out of MPs casting !!) so have decided to swap that with Darkness, an AoE spell that uses HP instead of MP. Not only because it looks kinda cool (and ignores defence, ...

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Final Fantasy Accessories and Weapons
Part of what makes Final Fantasy games is so addictive for me is not so much the stories but how I can find and unlock rare items in the game to build my ultimate/ perfect setup. My most recent success with the Pink Tail in FFIV (last post) is good example ...

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A Tale of the Pink Tail
This is, like, totally INSANE. Hello Princess! So having recently picked up Final Fantasy III (downloaded onto iPad1 awhile ago) -- I am going though my FF phase -- I decided to revisit FFIV since FFIII became a bit grindy just to level up (little did I kno...

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Final Fantasy X-2 2nd Playthru (Part Two)
After a week I managed to reach Chapter 5 - faster than expected though I did skip all the side quests, hence locking myself out of the Fiend Colony, meaning I will not be able to unlock the The End garment grid (boo-hoo) ... why did I missed it in the firs...

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Final Fantasy X-2 2nd Playthru
The thing is, there aren't that many Final Fantasy games out there that I like and are ported to the PlayStation Vita so after some dithering I've returned to X-2  for a second playthrough. The fact that it's all in Japanese is a real turnoff (since there a...

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Steins;Gate 0 (Part 2)
Have played a bit more and gradually getting into the story. I'm still getting used to some of the new character illustrations (Mayuri and Luka especially) and (I know, this is weird) I really don't like that save file image, which looks like a blurry blob ...

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Steins;Gate 0
Have started this "midquel" of Steins;Gate and my opinion of it so far is a bit mixed. Since I went straight to the True Ending in the last game, I know how this story (canonically) ends. Steins;Gate 0 is more a follow-up that fills in more details about on...

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So, after a very, very, very slow start ... did I say this game has a VERY start? @.@ Steins;Gate turns out to be exactly what critics had long lauded: an excellent localised VN game. I cruised through the final three-four chapters last weekend ... I just c...
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