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Numenera Box Set Unboxing recorded using Periscope. @MonteCookGames

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Numenera Box Set Unboxing recorded using Periscope. @MonteCookGames

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I have a question with regards to Skill Modes, as described in the Fate System Toolkit (p29), and specifically how they work with regards to the Significant Milestones Skill Column "rules" (p258).

I will try to explain a little more what I am trying to achieve.
In the universe that we have created, there are 6 factions, and every faction is made up of a combination of 3 of any six castes.
Each caste contains 6 skills, so be definition the skill modes fits well, as the faction's primary caste is it's +3 mode, secondary +2 mode, and tertiary the +1 mode.

This all fits very well, but in the Core book, the Significant Milestones talks about the skill columns, and keeping a balance, "you can't have more skills at a certain rank than you have at the rank below it".

Do Skill modes simply ignore these rules, how should "levelling up" through milestones be approached with regards to Skill Modes?

Should the character sheets reflect and keep separate their primary(+3), secondary(+2), and tertiary(+3) skill modes, or once the character has been created, are they simply applied to the "normal" skill pyramid layout?

How have others approached this?


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If people wish to register times when they are available to participate in a match, I have set up a month long calendar, where you can add your availability. Please follow the link below to the Doodle calendar.

If someone else shows availability at the same time, feel free to challenge them to a match via a Google Hangout, or via Skype.

I believe that times show are "local" times.

Ahoy Pirate and Pendragon alike,
a happy weekend to you all.
It's the perfect time for parley, and hope that none of you swashbucklers pull a doublecross.

Invite another member to an oddball match today!

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League Challenge Rules.

Below is the outline of how the league will work, and how and where to record your results.
The idea is that the league is ongoing, and will allow new players to join at anytime, thanks to a Seasons initiative, which works in a similar way to a player gaining experience.

1. A season consists of playing any 5 different players twice. Once as the Pirate faction, and once as the Pendragon faction.

2. The challenge must be an online battle played over Google Hangouts, or Skype.

3. Once the battle has been concluded, the winner has the privilege of recording their win for prosperity by logging the results of each of the matches in the form indicated on the "About this community" area, and linked below. Each match will need to be logged independently, and you will need to know the opponents name, and how many cards the winner had remaining in their deck.

4. Only results logged in this manner will be considered for the league placing. This means that people are free to play “friendly matches” whenever they desire, players should therefore agree to the type of match being played, before the start of the match.

5. The league table will be updated frequently, but not immediately.

6. A win as either faction will score you 3 points. A draw will score you 1 point. A loss will score you 0 points.

7. In the event of a tied league position, the player with the highest combined total of cards remaining will be placed higher in the league. In the event of a further tie, the player with the fewest games to their name per season will be placed higher. In the event of a further tie, players will share the position.

8. Have FUN!

In case of questions, please contact the community moderators.

I've added a new category: Rules Questions.
If you have any questions about rules, feel free to post them under that category. Hopefully Maverick Muse or other members of the community will be able to answer them.

Just in case anyone hasn't considered this, in order to play you will need a copy of the game cards (print and play or otherwise).
You will also need to be able to connect via Hangout Video.

Over on the left, under the Maverick Muse link in the area about this community, there is a link to a form where you can fill out your match results.

We'll post some more solid rules about how the league will be calculated later. Results posted before the release of these rules will not be counted towards the league.
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