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Cristina Luis
Experiencing awesomeness first hand, every day.
Experiencing awesomeness first hand, every day.

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Do I need to do anything in particular to make bootstrap3 accordion items open/collapse on click? Some particular javascript file I might be missing if I haven't done anything beyond a normal install of the plugin?


New to DjangoCMS and interested in the possible ways to implement having multiple sites running from the same project with most of the data separate. I realize there may be no one right way to do it, just looking for different views and the pluses and minuses.

The plan is to have multiple sites with the same functionality for several different (but related) organizations.They will each have their own content (for the most part) and styling, which leads me to think that the easiest solution is to have multiple sites, each with their own settings, templates, and SITE_ID, each using a different database.

I think, though, that in the future it would be nice for all of the sites/organizations to be available to share the same events calendar data. A few ways to do it, as far as I can see it:
- maintain the site separation, set up events to be fetched via an http API (in other words, make the events functionality a completely separate system)
- have the sites all use the same database (requires keeping track of 'site' in all models?)
- have the sites all use the same database just for the events app (?)

I appreciate any thoughts on this. 

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Middle wrap
Quick results from the middle distance: Samantha Saeger 46th, Kseniya Popova 55th, and Ross Smith 62nd. It was a beautiful day to be in the forest and the Americans put in some good running. See the course maps . Here's what Ross had to say after his run (h...

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Going the distance!
Tomorrow is the long distance final, and with 11.2km/540m/18c for the woman and 15.5km/650m/30c for the men, it will certainly be a challenging day. Be sure to check out the auto-generated map of the area for a few hours of entertainment imagining possible ...

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Middle distance tomorrow!
Tomorrow is the Middle Distance race in Tanum, a bit south of Stömstad. Running for Team USA tomorrow are Ross, Kseniya, and Sam. Start times: Ross 12:16 Kseniya 15:10 Sam 15:26 All times are local, six hours ahead of Boston. You can follow the action onlin...

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Great photos from Ken
Do yourself a favor and check out these great photos from the sprint   and sprint relay by Ken Walker, Jr.

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Team USA 24th in Sprint Relay
The Team USA team of Sam, Giacomo, Will, and Hillary finished 24th today in the Sprint Relay. Here's a quick video description of their races from the athletes: And some photos from beside the arena after the race:

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Local media exposure for Team USA!
The local newspaper Strömstads Tidning had a nice shot of some Team USA members getting ready to run around the sprint model yesterday:

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Will after the Sprint Qual
Today's sprint qual was Will's very first WOC race. He didn't qualify but he did have fun and he finished with a smile. 
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